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Mariah Russell

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Mariah Russell

Introducing Mariah! Originally from Sabetha, KS, Mariah’s passion for connecting people with their dream homes took root during her sophomore year at Kansas State University when she worked for a local realtor team. Now armed with a degree in marketing, Mariah aims to expand her client base through various media platforms and leverage her unique skills to enhance her clients’ real estate experiences. Mariah has an adorable min-Labradoodle named Luka and is newly engaged to her high school sweetheart! Going through exciting life transitions herself, Mariah finds joy in guiding her clients through their own significant changes and is driven to help others achieve their home-ownerships goals. Rooted in small-town values, she offers not just real estate guidance, but also genuine hospitality and lasting connections. With Mariah, expect personalized attention and unwavering dedication to your needs, whether you’re buying your first house or your fifteenth! Her blend of professionalism and heartfelt support will help you navigate the real estate journey with excitement and ease.

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