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Kathryn Sloan real estate agent

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Kathryn Sloan

More than two decades ago, Kathryn kicked off her real estate career on the investment side. As successful as she was at helping clients build long-term wealth, she knew she would find more joy using her talents to help families build full, rich lives. So, she joined Cami Jones Collaborative, where she has been a consistent top producer since.

To say Kathryn is a talented Realtor® is an understatement – she is a diamond, and according to her countless testimonials (which are filled with superlatives and exclamation points), she is flawless. While most realtors excel in one, two, or even several areas of real estate, Kathryn shines in all of them.

She is a shrewd “how-did-she-just-do-that” negotiator who knows the value of communication and relationships as much as the value of property. She is a master stager with a keen eye for interior design but can look past finishes and finery to see how clients will actually live in the home. And she’s always there with whatever you need… sometimes a hand to hold, maybe some pie charts and market reports…but always with well-thought-out advice and a smile.

In addition to being an outstanding Realtor®, Kathryn is a dedicated boy mom (watcher of soccer, baseball, swimming, Fortnight, Clash Royale) to 17- and 19-year-old man-children, reluctant (but smitten) dog mom, avid reader, guilty TV watcher, amateur chef, game night enthusiast, and PTO Parliamentarian.

If you’re looking for a problem-solving, worry-removing force who makes every transaction feel seamless, reach out to Kathryn… but be warned, you’re going to end up having fun… and probably a new friend.

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