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Orlando Underwood

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Orlando Underwood

Meet Orlando, a proud native of Olathe whose roots run deep within this community. Orlando’s journey led him to the world of real estate in 2019, after an impressive 9-year tenure in the Army that included a deployment to Afghanistan in 2012. His military background gives him a truly unique perspective, allowing him to effortlessly connect with individuals from all walks of life. For Orlando, a career in real estate was a natural fit, aligning perfectly with his innate drive to support others, while still granting him the flexibility to be fully present for his four children. Outside of real estate, Orlando has been able to enjoy one of his other passions, baseball, by coaching at Olathe Northwest High School and coaching five additional youth sports teams. Through sports, Orlando imparts valuable life lessons to the next generation, fostering growth and teamwork.

Orlando’s aspirations reach beyond transactions and deals. He envisions sharing his financial success by funding his sports teams and, ultimately, to help open doors for underprivileged kids to participate in higher level sports. With Orlando by your side, you’re not just embarking on a real estate journey, you’re joining a community and partnering with someone who is unwaveringly committed to your goals. Partner with Orlando for a real estate adventure rooted in community, empathy, and a shared commitment to turning your dreams into reality!

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