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4 Outdoor Living Design Trends We’re Loving

Spring has us thinking about spending outdoor time with family and friends!  There are so many amazing trends on tap for 2018 when it comes to outdoor living and backyards.  Our team’s featured listings even showcase unique features like fire pits and screen porches.  These essentially extend the living space!  Manufacturers have introduced us to new materials, furnishings that hold up to the elements and fixtures that are pretty enough to use inside!  Thoughtfully-designed backyard space is like having an addition on to your home.  Incorporate some of this year’s trends, and you might never leave the outdoors!

Watch the Big Game outside!

It’s very popular to not only have a flat screen mounted in your outdoor living space, but to have a nice bar to go with it!  Those late spring and summer Royals games become neighborhood events when the game, snacks and cold drinks are right there!  People are opting for “self serve” casual bar setups, and often sinks, refrigerators and cabinetry are incorporated.  We’re drawn to this outdoor, multiple-screen sports bar as seen on Pinterest…who wouldn’t be?!?  Especially in March, when you want to see multiple basketball games at the same time!

La Cantina Folding Doors- bring the outside in

WOW!  Removing the kitchen wall and adding La Cantina folding doors allows for seamless movement between the inside and out.   Think how awesome it is when your favorite restaurant throws open those garage doors in the spring and summer…same deal!  Folding or movable doors really allow you to bring the outside in.  Check out this amazing image of La Cantina folding doors from

Matching Flooring and Fixtures to the inside

It’s increasingly popular to match flooring and fixtures so your outside space truly feels like an extension of the inside.  To that end, showy landscapes are out, and functional living spaces made from good quality materials are in.  Gone are the days of using inexpensive indoor/outdoor carpet and hardware-store lawn furniture.  People are really investing in their outdoor living spaces, and it shows!Outdoor fabrics are even being designed by top designers and force you to take a double-take…can you really leave them outside in the elements?  Yes!  Fade-resistant, waterproof, comfortable and stylish…sign us up!

Energy Efficient (and nice looking) outdoor heating

Eating, relaxing and using your outdoor space can almost be a year-round thing (unless we get one of those ridiculous Midwest winter storms!) if you employ good heating.  There are lots of newer, efficient and even attractive looking options!  Patio heaters are always a good option, and they remain popular choices for restaurants, bars and homes.  Patio heaters can be floor standing, tabletop, wall mounted and ceiling mounted, and most run on propane gas.

This is a great video that breaks down the options and may help you decide which best suits the needs of you and your family!

If you’re looking to add on or redo your backyard, we hope we’ve provided some inspiration!  If you’re looking to buy a home with an already-fabulous outdoor living space, we can help you make that part of your search.  Any of the experienced agents on our Cami Jones Collaborative team can make your dream a reality!  Call us today or contact us here.