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Overland Park tops metro when it comes to real estate markets

According to an article in yesterday’s Kansas City Business Journal, WalletHub’s “Best Real Estate Market” report puts Overland Park, KS head-and-shoulders above other communities in the metro.  Overland Park, with its population of 188,966, ranked No. 18 in the new study.  The study included 300 U.S. cities.So what was measured?  KCBJ’s Andrew Vaupel points out that two overall dimensions were examined, “real estate market” and “affordability and economic environment,” and specific metrics in each dimension included the following.

Real estate market

  • home value forecast
  • percentage of homes underwater
  • average number of days until a house is sold
  • percentage of homes selling for a gain
  • median home-price appreciation
  • home sales turnover rate
  • rent-to-sale price ratio
  • foreclosure rate
  • mortgage delinquency rate
  • number of bank-held homes
  • vacancy rate
  • the point at which buying a home becomes less expensive than renting the same home
  • percent of homes built between 2010 and 2015
  • building-permit activity

Affordability and economic environment

  • housing affordability
  • maintenance affordability
  • population growth rate
  • job growth rate
  • unemployment rate
  • underemployment rate
  • median credit score

This comes as no surprise to us; we have moved thousands of clients to Overland Park over the years.  It is coveted for its affordability, proximity to jobs, terrific schools (Overland Park residents attend Blue Valley, Shawnee Mission, Olathe and Spring Hill public schools), quality of life and more.  Contemplating a move?  Get in touch with us today!  Call us at 913-402-2550, or if email’s your thing…message us here!  Thanks from everyone at Cami Jones Collaborative.