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Appraised residential value appeals due March 28

You’ve received your appraised value by now.  If you’ve reviewed your appraised value and don’t believe it is appraised at fair market value, you can appeal.  You have until Wednesday, March 28 to file your appeal.

It is important to understand what is meant by the term “fair market value.”  This refers to the amount of money that a well-informed buyer is willing to pay and a well-informed seller is willing to accept for property.   The market conditions must be open and competitive, assuming that the parties are acting without undue compulsion.

There are 3 steps to the process:

1. File your appeal: The instructions and form are on the back of the notice of appraised value (see image).

2. Prepare for your appeal: Gather up documents that support that your property’s appraised value.  Pictures of structural damage, decades-old appliances and carpet and repair estimates would be good.   Even a signed sales contract for a lower value is another example of acceptable documentation to send to the county appraiser’s office.

3. Conduct the Appeal: When you schedule the informal hearing, you can request a meeting or even a phone hearing to best fit your schedule.  These can be day or night.

Appraised Value Appeals

Amazingly, in 2017, 40-50% of the more than 5,000 residents who submitted appeals received an adjustment to their appraisal. The state requires the county appraiser to annually appraise homes based on fair market value.  The county must use comparisons of homes sold around Jan. 1, 2018.

For more information on the appeal process, including specific examples of how to prepare for your appeal, visit the County Appraiser’s Website.

For more information on the appraisal process and how it relates to your property taxes, you can view this quick fact sheet.

Direct specific questions about the process or your property to the Johnson County Appraiser’s Office by calling (913) 715-9000. 

If your appraisal has you wanting to sell, we can help!  Cami Jones Collaborative offers unparalleled support when it comes to helping our sellers.  We work with buyers and sellers alike, so no matter which side of the sale you’re on, we are by your side.  Call us today!  913-402-2550.

Low inventory levels- Cami’s team can help sellers & buyers!

The lack of available real estate inventory results in a “seller’s market,” posing a challenge for buyers.  It can be a good thing, depending on what side of the transaction you find yourself!  The Kansas City real estate market has been very hot, often resulting in multiple offers on Day 1.  Many sellers find themselves receiving OVER asking price with no contingencies attached. A hot market is typically good news for home sellers: inventory is low, and competition is high.

This process can be sped up even MORE if your house has some or all of the following:

  • Custom/upgraded finishes
  • Priced right, under the guidance of a real estate expert
  • Desirable school district
  • Finished lower level
  • Fresh, clean paint and floor coverings
  • Desirable neighborhood with nearby amenities
  • Location near schools, highway access, shopping, restaurants

On the flip side, buyers will be up against a lot of other people vying for the same piece of property, and up against a short supply of existing homes.  Also, first-time buyers in high demand areas may find that their best offer is beaten out by cash buyers and investors.  Use an experienced real estate agent (like any one of us on the Cami Jones Collaborative Team!) to help you get a handle on the market and look over what’s available.  You will need to decide where you can or can’t (or aren’t willing to) compromise.  Remember, finishes and appliances and paint colors are easy to change, location isn’t.  (Read our previous post on HOT neighborhoods in south Johnson County!)As a buyer, you’ll want to get your financing lined up so you don’t waste any time in a hot market.  Once you find the house…be ready to pull the trigger with your offer! And be ready to offer without contingencies.  In a hot market, sellers will likely take the cleanest offer:  the one with no contingencies, the one with the most money down and the one offering the quickest (or most preferable) closing date.

How Our Team Helps Buyers:

New Buyer Consultation

We want to meet with you! Contact a Cami Jones Collaborative agent to schedule a new buyer consultation. We’ll sit down and discuss your wants, needs, and timeline.

Determine How Much House You Can Afford

During your consultation, we’ll put you in touch with our trusted loan officers for a free pre-approval. Knowing you’re pre-approved not only helps you narrow your search but shows sellers you’re a motivated buyer.

Set Up a Home Match Account

This is an exclusive tool that Cami Jones Collaborative offers you through our partnership with ReeceNichols. With the help of your Cami Jones Collaborative. agent (or on your own), set up a custom Home Match account to begin researching available homes in your desired community.

Preview Homes and Tour Different Areas

Now it’s time to see your choices up close, and start to gauge the market. Your agent can quickly set up showings of homes you’re interested in. And since we are partners with ReeceNichols, you’ll have the chance to view hundreds of open houses in just a few days at their special Open House Celebration weekend each month.

Make and Negotiate an Offer

Once you’ve found THE one, your Cami Jones Collaborative agent will prepare the offer to purchase and review all the details. No stone will go unturned to make sure everything is on the up-and-up.  After the contract is submitted, your agent will use her expertise to negotiate the purchase of the home with your best interests in mind, while continuing to communicate with you every step of the way.

Finalize the Contract and Mortgage Paperwork

Now that the seller has agreed to all of the terms, the paperwork, inspections, appraisals, and mortgage will be finalized. Begin packing and planning for your big move!

Closing Day & Move In!

Pop the champagne, the big day has come. Your agent will be by your side on closing day as you sign the paperwork to purchase your new home. Celebrate accordingly!!  YourCami Jones Collaborative team is never finished. While your home purchase is complete, we will continue to be a resource for any and all home-related questions.Above all, be flexible and be patient!  Your dream house awaits, it’s just a matter of time.  Good luck!  Contact us today and let us help you sell and find your next home!*image from ReeceNichols; based on Heartland MLS Statistics

Residents receive notices of valuation from Johnson County Appraiser’s Office

 Notices of valuation have been hitting Johnson County mailboxes this week.  Did you get yours?  If so, you likely noticed that property values jumped 7.9% on average, accounting for the biggest increase since 2012.  A home’s appraised value is used to determine the amount homeowners pay in yearly property taxes to Johnson County and to their city of residence.An increase of 7.9% (residents in Spring Hill, KS saw a 16.49% jump!) can be credited in part to a robust housing market.  As we’ve noted in previous blog posts, the market is HOT and sellers are often receiving multiple full price, cash-in-hand offers on Day 1.  Inventory is low.Homeowners are given the opportunity to appeal their home’s appraised value, and must do so through the county no later than March 29, 2017.  You would do this if you think the stated appraised value is more than you would reasonably get if you sold your property today. Click here to visit the county’s site and learn how to submit an appeal.  For even more info, see the state’s website “The Property Tax Appeals Process in Kansas.”