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Testimonials: Let our clients do the talking!

Whether you’re buying, selling or both, it’s a good idea to research real estate agents.  We let our happy clients do the talking for us with their testimonials!  We are confident that you will blown away by the unparalleled customer service you receive when you work with us.  Cami Jones Collaborative delivers a customer-focused boutique experience, every single time.  Our first-time buyers receive the same level of care and true concierge experience that our luxury buyers expect.Our team is led by Cami Jones.  Today, we’ll profile two of the agents on our team, Mandy and Becca, and share a few client testimonials about each.  Check back for profiles on and testimonials about our other amazing agents!

Mandy Doull

In her nearly 15 years of experience, Mandy Doull has done it all: short sells, foreclosures, resells, and new construction. Her talent lies in crafting think-outside-the-box marketing strategies for the homes she lists.  “I love my hometown and truly want my clients to feel the same way when they find a home in a community that is perfect for them,” Mandy says. “My goal is not to just sell you a house. It’s to find you the right house that I know I can sell for you again.”

Testimonials:  Mandy

Client Brent Scott had this to say about Mandy:  “Mandy is amazing. She went above and beyond. She spent nearly a full day helping me stage an empty house, helped me move heavy furniture and even brought her own personal furniture for us to use. I could not be happier and have recommended her to everyone I know.””I have dealt with Mandy on numerous properties and I am still amazed how fun and easy the whole process is!!! She is the real deal!” – Clients Philip and Ashley Rice

Becca Kyger

Rebecca (Becca) Kyger has a promise she makes to each of her clients: That she will deliver the best in service and professionalism when you work together to buy or sell your home. Her business and sales background have taught her that it’s all about SERVICE…and she delivers every single time! “I want my clients to always walk away feeling like they have a friend they can call anytime. I’ll always have a solution for you, whatever it may be.”

Testimonials:  Becca

“Becca helped us get our house on the market within 4 days of deciding to put it on the market. She had a quick eye for what needed to be done, and the house was sold within 2 weeks. She was able to negotiate the price fairly so we didn’t lose any money on the house. For our new house, she gave referrals for businesses that could assist with paint, carpet, hardwoods, etc. Trusting her experience, this saved me a tremendous amount of time easily moving into our new home. I’ve moved several times though the military, and she has been the best realtor I’ve ever used.” – Clients Steven and Heather HolmesClients Jeff and Julie Ralston had this to say about Becca:  “From the moment we hired Becca we felt she went to work for us, from planning the sale to staging the house if it needed (to be) done, she did it. During the contract portion of our sale, Becca stayed in touch with us, even while she was on a family vacation. That level of attention is unheard of, and was very much appreciated. We could not have asked for more from her and would recommend her to anyone without hesitation. Thank you Becca!!”The Cami Jones Collaborative team is committed to helping our sellers realize top dollar for their homes!  We offer best-in-class marketing support, and you can expect things like professional staging services, photography, expertly-made flyers, postcards, and a smart social media strategy.  Contact us here or call us today at 913-402-2550 and let us show you how we use the latest and most effective technology to market it in a variety of ways.  

4 reasons to use a Realtor® when selling your house

We are often asked why someone should use a Realtor® when putting their home on the market.  Probably the most often heard argument is this:  “I can just sell it myself FSBO and save a ton of money!”  There are several important things to consider when listing your home, and listing with a real estate agent makes all the sense in the world.  It’s no secret, but every homeowner wants pretty much the same things out of a house sale- they want to sell the property (obviously), they want to sell it for the best possible price, they want to sell it with the least amount of hassles and inconvenience, and they want to sell it within a certain time frame.  Sound about right?So, why list with a real estate agent?

  1. Realtors® are trained professionals.  You use professionals for many aspects of your life; bankers, builders, repairmen, stockbrokers, educators, etc.  Why take a chance when it comes to one of your most important investments?  Use a skilled and objective negotiator in what can be an emotionally-charged experience.
  2. Real estate agents have access to the vast majority of available buyers! According to the National Association of Realtors(NAR) recently released 2016 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report, 87% of all buyers purchased their home through a real estate agent or broker.
  3. Experienced agents, like Cami Jones Collaborative, bring pricing expertise, negotiating skills, and market access to the table- and can often land you a higher selling price as a result. They know the ins and outs of the local market, what it will bear and what the comps are. Pricing right is everything!
  4. Exposure- you want your home to have maximum exposure to as many potential buyers as possible.  This exposure includes professional marketing (online and offline) materials, hosted open houses, and regular communication with buyers’ agents.

Let our team help you!  We make the listing process easy and will have you on the road to selling your beautiful home in no time!  Give us a call today!  You can reach Cami Jones at 913.521.8883