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5 benefits of listing with Cami Jones Collaborative

We are often asked why someone should hire us or use a licensed Realtor® when listing their home for sale.  Aside from the fact that we like to have lots of fun and enjoy our clients immensely, there are some really good reasons why you should enlist the help of Cami Jones Collaborative when it comes to listing your home.  Probably the most-often heard argument against using a Realtor® is this:  “I can just sell it myself FSBO and save a ton of money, not to mention save the hassle of showings when I’m not ready for them!”There are several important things to consider when listing your home, and listing with a real estate agent makes all the sense in the world.  It’s no secret, but every homeowner wants pretty much the same things out of a house sale and has the same goals.

House Sale Goals

  1.  Homeowners want to sell the property.  This is obvious.
  2.  People want to sell their home for the best possible price.
  3.  They want to sell it with the least amount of hassles and inconvenience (see above).
  4.  People want to sell it within a certain time frame based on any number of factors.  Sound about right?

So, why use a Realtor®?

  1. Realtors® are trained professionals.  You use professionals for many aspects of your life; bankers, builders, repairmen, stockbrokers, educators, etc.  Why take a chance when it comes to one of your most important investments?  Our team members are skilled and objective negotiators.  This is a benefit in what can be an emotionally-charged experience.
  2. Real estate agents have access to the vast majority of available buyers! According to the National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) 2016 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report, 87% of all buyers purchased their home through a real estate agent or broker.  We have a vast network of real estate colleagues and can often bring buyers to you as soon as (if not before) the sign goes in the yard.

So, why use Cami Jones Collaborative?

  1. Experienced agents, like Cami Jones, Missy Hutton, Mandy Doull, Stacy Vollmar and Rebecca Kyger bring pricing expertise, negotiating skills, and market access to the table- and can often land you a higher selling price as a result. They know the ins and outs of the local market, what it will bear and what the comps are. Pricing right is everything!  Don’t make pricing your home a guessing game; do it right the first time.
  2. We have Christine Carlson as our team’s transaction coordinator, and she works hard for YOU.  Every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed by Christine.  In short, every detail of your transaction is carried out impeccably with nothing left to chance.
  3. Exposure- you want your home to have maximum exposure to as many potential buyers as possible.  This exposure includes professional marketing (online and offline) materials, hosted open houses, and regular communication with buyers’ agents.  We do it all!

Let our team help you!  We make the listing process easy and will have you on the road to selling your beautiful home in no time!  Give us a call today!  You can reach our team at 913.402.2550.  Want to come to see us?  Our brand new office is conveniently located at 5000 W. 135th St. Leawood, KS 66224.In the meantime, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram!

Happy Holidays from Cami Jones Collaborative!

As December winds to a close, the holidays remind us of the year’s blessings, while we anxiously look forward to 2018.  On a professional note, 2017 saw record real estate sales for our former team.  December brought the formation of Kansas City’s Boutique Real Estate Experience; Cami Jones Collaborative.  As we look back over the year, we offer a few notes of thanks.

To our clients:

Thank you for trusting us to help you, whether you are buying, selling or both.  Your home purchase is likely the biggest of your life and we’re honored to be a small part of it.  You and your family deserve a remarkable concierge experience and that’s exactly what you will get. We are honored to provide a hands-on real estate experience while caring for each detail of your transaction from beginning to end.  We value the friendships we’ve made with each of you over the years and thank you for your repeat business and referrals.

To our team:

We are blessed with the hardest-working real estate team around.  Each person on the Cami Jones Collaborative team demonstrates on a daily basis how she will go the extra mile to make it all happen.  We support one another and cheer on each other’s successes- what a team!  Thanks to Christine Carlson, Rebecca Kyger, Missy Hutton, Stacy Vollmar and Mandy Doull for always going above and beyond to deliver KC’s best real estate experience.

To our family and friends:

Thank you for supporting us in what can be a crazy, hectic and fast-paced career that we all love!  We couldn’t do it without your love and support.  “I feel truly blessed to have found the perfect fit for my family in this community.  I take great pleasure in helping my clients achieve the same result,”  said Cami.

To our amazing city:

Kansas City is home to so many wonderful people, unique neighborhoods, awesome restaurants, terrific sports teams and so much more.  It’s so much fun introducing out-of-town transplants to KC- we know you’ll love it as much as we do!  You can see by our current team listings that we help clients buy and sell throughout the metro; if there’s an area you’re curious to learn more about, ask us!Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season filled with good health, family, friends and endless joy!  Happy New Year to you and all the best for a happy, healthy 2018 filled with family, friends and all good things. 

Welcome to Cami Jones Collaborative!

As a principal of Jones-Plattner & Associates, Cami Jones has been instrumental in creating a $100 million-plus powerhouse comprised of the area’s top-producing real estate professionals.  The team was one of ReeceNichols’s most successful.  Fast forward to today:  Cami has created a new boutique real estate experience for Kansas City.  Cami Jones Collaborative promises a flexible and dedicated team working together to ensure that every property garners the attention it deserves.Through innovative marketing strategies, professional photography, first class staging services, and fearless negotiation skills, we handle every step of the transaction, working quickly and efficiently until your goals are met.You’ll recognize familiar faces on our team; we bring decades of real estate experience to the table and are anxious to help you with your purchase or sale.  We have an intimate understanding of the housing market and will be with you every step of the way!

Our team:

Cami Jones:

As a principal of Jones-Plattner & Associates, Cami Jones has been instrumental in creating a $100 million-plus powerhouse comprised of the area’s top-producing real estate professionals. Cami is please to bring youCami Jones Collaborative, ReeceNichols.  You’ll find:A Boutique ExperienceA small team focus means a one-on-one relationship with Cami and her entire team throughout the transaction. You’ll have six of the city’s top-producing power-players taking care of you from beginning to end.Concierge ServiceCami offers more in-depth services than the average agent. She sets up every detail your transaction requires to deliver a bespoke, full-service experience that is quick and efficient, minimally stressful, unbelievably fun, and achieves stellar results.Kansas City PrideCami Jones’ deep Kansas roots allow you to work closely with someone who is woven into the fabric of the community. She knows the area and she knows how to find your perfect fit.Contact Cami directly:

Rebecca Kyger:

Becca’s considerable business and sales background has earned her numerous accolades that speak to her matchless business savvy, tenacious work ethic, and the meaningful relationships she builds with every person she meets. Becca credits her professional experience with having taught her the finer points of providing value to customers, a personal mission that can be summed up as service, service, service!Becca’s enthusiasm and dedication to the wants and needs of her clients gives them the confidence to call her again and again, even if it’s many years down the road. They know exactly who to call when they have a need.Becca lives in south Overland Park, Kan., with her husband John, her two sons Paxton and Briggs, and dog Tito.  Contact Becca here:

Mandy Doull:

Real estate is in Mandy Doull’s genes. Raised in the Kansas City area by parents who both work in the industry, Mandy was exposed to the complexity of the real estate world from a young age. She can proudly say real estate isn’t solely her job—it’s her calling.“I love my hometown and truly want my clients to feel the same way when they find a home in a community that is perfect for them,” Mandy says. “My goal is not to just sell you a house. It’s to find you the right house that I know I can sell for you again.”Mandy lives in Stilwell, KS, with her husband and four children.  Contact Mandy:

Missy Hutton:

The consummate entrepreneur with a brilliant eye for both style and substance, Missy brings something special to the Cami Jones Collaborative team. Whether it’s working behind the scenes of a staging, managing a marketing campaign or assisting a family with the final details of their closing, Missy does it all and she does it with flair.“Throughout the years, my commitment to providing exemplary service and focus on building long-lasting relationships have been the keys to my success,” Missy says. “My focus will always be listening to my client’s desires to help them achieve the happiness that comes with finally finding their perfect home in this great city.”Missy lives in Overland Park, Kan., with her family. When she’s not working with you on your transaction, you can find her on the sidelines cheering on Kansas City’s sports teams, singing along at concerts or jetting off to her next travel destination.  Contact Missy:

Stacy Vollmar:

A self-proclaimed detail-oriented person, Stacy’s expertise also lies in providing you with the education you need to make the best decision possible for your life and family. Her attention to detail does not end after the papers are signed. It’s her job to not just to get you to the finish line—it’s to help you find your happily ever. And help you find it she will.With an extensive background in sales, marketing and entrepreneurship, as well as over 15 years of experience in real estate, Stacy’s philosophy revolves around passion, new beginnings, and opportunities.Stacy lives in Overland Park, KS. When she’s not stopping by for one of her famous “pop-by’s”, you can usually find her hopping a plane to her next big travel destination, sipping on a latte in one of her favorite coffee shops, and generally enjoying everything the thriving Kansas City scene has to offer.  Contact Stacy here:

Christine Carlson:

Christine Carlson is the unfailing backbone of Cami Jones Collaborative.As your official transaction coordinator, Christine is responsible for making sure that every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed, ensuring that, when it comes to your home, every detail of your transaction is carried out impeccably.“My goal is to be the person with the answers,” she explains. “And if there aren’t any, I’ll be the one to find them.”Christine lives in Olathe with her husband and two daughters.  Contact Christine:

2016- Quite a year for the Jones-Plattner & Associates team!

The numbers are in, and 2016 was quite a year for all of us at Cami Jones Collaborative!  The listings, purchases, referrals…we couldn’t have done any of it without YOU! Thank you to our loyal clients, friends, family and colleagues.  Thank you for trusting us to help you, whether you are buying, selling or both. Your home purchase is likely the biggest purchase of your life and we’re honored to be a small part of it.We know we have the hardest-working real estate team around. Each person on our Cami Jones Collaborative team demonstrates on a daily basis how she will go the extra mile to make it all happen. We support one another and cheer on each other’s successes- what a team!  So- how did things shake out in 2016?

    • 166 homes sold by our team!
    • $66 million in transactions posted by our team!
    • We added new members to our amazing team in 2016.
      • Adriene Marks joins us as a new Realtor.
      • Christine Carlson is a Transaction Coordinator for our agent team members.
      • Stacy Vollmar  is our new Team Leader.
      • Jen Weaver serves as Team Trainer.

We are thrilled with our new additions and know that they will make a huge impact on JPA in 2017 and listing of America’s BEST Real Estate Agents has our JPA team listed at #10 by volume for Kansas: $48,428,052 for 2015!  REAL Trends is a consulting and communications company for the residential real estate industry and has been widely known as the trusted source for data, news, and trends for the residential real estate industry.