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14 Ways KCMO Welcomes New Residents: An Activity Guide

Many individuals consider Kansas City to be a highly desirable area to relocate to and start an exciting next chapter of their lives. The heart of the city features a wide variety of attractions and activities for individuals who never stop seeking out adventures. However, the hustle and bustle is also balanced out by the multitude of relaxing landscapes that are within a half-hour drive.With KC’s revitalizing energy, the decision to take the big leap and buy one of the many homes for sale there is an easy one. If you’re one of these individuals who is set on moving to KC, you will be delighted by the warm welcome that awaits you in the form of the following activities.

Participating in First Fridays

You’ll be able to enjoy what KCMO has to offer after completing every task listed in your relocation checklist. Wander around the Crossroads Arts District on the first Friday of each month and marvel at the art galleries, many of which are open to the public until 9 PM. When you’re done, you can then walk towards one of several city murals and use them as a photo backdrop to showcase your Kansas City pride.For a more cultural experience that involves music and fine food, you can dine in the 18th & Vine Historic Jazz District. Seek out the renowned, slow-smoked barbecue that has piqued the interests of celebrities and former presidents. The combination of oak and hickory woods, along with a splash of a treasured secret sauce recipe will surely be a fitting first taste of the cuisine that your new home has to offer.

Visiting the Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Heritage Center

Pay your respects to the various African-American contributions to the city by visiting the heritage center. Inside, you’ll find their works preserved within educational and entertaining experiences like films, stage performances, workshops and classes, displays, and special ceremonies. The center also features a workspace for children, an auditorium, a resource library, a permanent exhibit space, and a small gallery with artifacts encased in glass. Admission is free for everyone. Guided tours and motorcoach parking is available on-site.

Exploring and Shopping in the Legends Outlets

Combine your love for food and fun by visiting a top-tier shopping and entertainment destination home to mouthwatering restaurant dishes and over 100 designer brand outlets. You can also learn more about 80 esteemed Kansans here: take your time exploring and be inspired by the likes of Carol Marinovich, who was the city’s first female mayor, and five-term Senator and World War II hero Robert Dole in a self-guided audio tour.

Understanding Your Lineage in the Midwest Genealogy Center

Browse through 52,000 square feet of technological and free resources used to research family histories. Depending on the time of year you’ve moved into the city, you may also participate in Midwest Genealogy Center (MGC) family programs or classes. The center covers interesting topics revolving around how beginners can trace their own family’s origins and esteemed genealogists and historians’ presentations.

Browsing through the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art

Cultivate your appreciation for history and art in the four-state region’s largest contemporary art museum, home to the works of both established and emerging artists. Their collections include photos, paintings, sculptures made of clay and other materials, new media, works on paper, student-made pieces, as well as Latino and American Indian treasures. They offer three main programs.

  • Preschool groups that provide hands-on learning experiences for children enrolled in 2nd grade and below, alongside age-appropriate artwork.
  • Family programs for a free workshop available during Spring Break and other events. Everyone is encouraged to create their own art pieces before participating in artists’ lectures.
  • Group visits also provide opportunities for a cross-disciplinary tour, incorporating language arts, social studies, math, and science. Students may also test their knowledge on the significance of diversity. Custom tours may be requested to accommodate the needs of assisted-care groups, Scout teams, and business leadership divisions.

Strolling through the Ernie Miller Park and Nature Center

The Ernie Miller Park highlights a variety of habitats, such as a bottomland forest, upland meadows, tallgrass prairies, and a small stream, along with a picnic shelter and nature trails within its 116 acres. You can also explore nature-based educational programs and experiences through the Ernie Miller Nature Center’s interactive exhibits and live animal displays. Ornithologists and recreational birdwatchers can visit feeders and view a variety of birds from the lobby. Meanwhile, native stream fish are displayed in a 500-gallon aquarium.

Reconnecting with Nature at the Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

There’s no better way to put down roots in Kansas than to immerse yourself in its lush ecosystem. The Arboretum’s 300 acres are home to over 800 plant species. 45 acres are dedicated to the botanical gardens, including the award-winning Train Garden and Monet Garden. Varied art forms are temporarily exhibited throughout the year, too.

Promoting Learning in the Children’s Peace Pavilion

Learning and living a peaceful lifestyle starts from a young age. The Children’s Peace Pavilion provides parents and caretakers with opportunities to engage children in hands-on activities that promote communication, stewardship, and conflict resolution methods that can be incorporated into their daily lives. Moreover, the Pavilion reinforces the idea that peacemaking goes beyond simply having an absence of war. Kids are guided toward a more holistic approach to peacemaking with topics that mainly revolve around four key concepts: peace for me, peace for us, peace for everyone, and peace for the planet.

Studying Economic Ideas at the Money Museum

Take a free behind-the-scenes look at how money is processed at the Money Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas. The exhibits are curated to be fun and interactive (like lifting a gold bar worth $400) to facilitate a more engaging way to learn about the economy. You can also go for a more historical approach and view 450 historical coins, loaned to the museum by the Harry S. Truman Library.

Getting in Touch with the Traditional Lifestyle at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead

From April to October, you and your family can explore 12 acres of farmstead, made to replicate a traditional local family farm. The Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead houses over one hundred animals and welcomes you to enjoy pony rides and their fishing pond. A few other notable activities include panning for treasure, fishing with worms and cane poles, riding horse-drawn carriages, touring a one-room schoolhouse, and feeding baby goats.

Picking Up Trinkets at Kansas City River Market

Shop locally from merchants who offer flowers, specialty foods, baked snacks, fresh produce, meats, and other goods from America, the Middle and far East, Europe, and Africa. The market also hosts unique gift shops with knickknacks if you want to start your city pride collection. While you’re in the area, check out the world’s largest pre-Civil War artifacts collection in the Arabia Steamboat Museum, too. Kids’ activities and food celebrations are also major attractions available from April to October.

Wandering the Halls of Union Station


Known as KC’s “Favorite History Attraction”, Union Station is a 104-year-old historical landmark loved by many. Beyond the preservation of monuments and their corresponding stories, it also hosts world-class traveling exhibitions. Furthermore, be prepared to take frequent moments to pause and gaze at this architectural masterpiece and its attractions.

  • Internationally-awarded Science City, powered by Burns & McDonnell
  • Famed Modern Railroad Experience
  • Regnier Extreme Screen Theatre
  • Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium
  • City Stage and live theater

Indulging in Free Cuppings at the Roasterie Factory Cafe

On the first and third Thursdays of every month, the Roasterie Factory Cafe opens its doors to the public for coffee tasting sessions. Different kinds of coffee from all over the world will be served as the staff directs the experience. Moreover, you and other guests are also walked through the cafe team’s multiple production processes. This includes the following.

  • Roasting, blending, and packaging of your coffee
  • Baking of various confections
  • Brewing and canning cold brew
  • Crafting of your favorite drink

You are also welcome to dine in their six cafes in the city, each designed to reflect the community’s unique personality. Additionally, art shows, pet adoptions, and open mic nights are occasionally hosted at the cafes.

Enjoying the City of Fountains

Last but not least, KCMO welcomes its new residents with more than 200 stunning fountains throughout the entire city. Truly, there’s no better way to settle down and relax one’s mind than by listening to the calming sounds of a fountain’s flowing water and taking in its beauty. One of the most notable spots to do so is at the Country Club Plaza where you can find the Mill Creek Fountain.Once you’ve unwound, you can treat yourself to a trip to fine jewelry stores, salons, and boutiques. There are also plenty of eateries filled with delightful food, including Kansas City steaks, authentic Italian, and Mexican dishes.

Moving to Kansas City

Whether you intend to move alone, with family and friends, or with a significant other, don’t hesitate to live your life to the fullest in a beautiful city. Kansas City has been built on an abundance of historical and cultural influences, good food, and a deep connection to nature. Begin your relocation process to KCMO with professional assistance from Cami Jones Collaborative. Get in touch today with us today!

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