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5 ways to get ready to have an Open House

The summer buying season is in full swing!  If you’re looking to move, chances are your Realtor will host an Open House to show off your property.  There are several things you can do to ensure that it’s looking its best…and maximize your chances of reeling in a quick offer!

  • Clean everything.  And then clean it again!  Don’t just straighten.  Dust light fixtures, blinds and wash the baseboards.  Make sure the windows sparkle!  Make sure the shower door sparkles! You want to get top dollar for your home, and curb appeal on the outside coupled with a sparkling inside will go miles toward getting you there.
  • Declutter everything.  Potential buyers don’t want to see your stacks of mail, newspapers and your children’s school work.  Pull things off the refrigerator, clear off those kitchen counters and coffee tables.  Family photos on the tabletops or countertops?  Put ’em away.  You want buyers to imagine themselves living in their NEW home, with their belongings!  The less of your stuff they see…the more this is possible!
  • Think about fresh flowers.  Flowers set a wonderful mood.  A bud vase on your bedroom nightstand coupled with fresh flowers in the kitchen makes a great statement!
  • Have pets?  Figure out what to do with them during the open house!  Nothing will turn a buyer off faster than a) a house that smells of its pet, and b) a pet that is present during the showing.  Again, you want the buyers to imagine themselves in your property, so if you are at all able, send the pet(s) to a neighbor, or to pet day care or let them drive around in the car with you during the showing!
  • Don’t forget to turn on the lights and angle the blinds so natural light comes in!  Light makes everything look brighter and really sets a stage for your showing.  If you’ve cleaned and done everything we’ve recommended, you will want to show off every nook and cranny!

TheCami Jones Collaborativeis anxious to meet with and help you make your listing a success!   Give us a call today! You can reach Cami Jones at 913.206.2410

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