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Selling Your Home: How to Decorate for the Holidays

You might be struggling with holiday decorating this year if you are trying to sell your house. One question we get around this time of year is, “Will putting up holiday decorations in my home make it less desirable to buyers?” The answer is that decorating will not turn off buyers. It might even make your home more enticing during showings because buyers will see how beautiful everything looks decked out with holiday decor; though the key is to keep holiday decorations simple and elegant.

Decorating for the Holidays When Your Home is on the Market

To get you on the right track, we’ve put together a list of four things to keep in mind when decorating your home while it is on the market this holiday season.

1. Keep it Subtle

The goal is to be festive, without overwhelming potential buyers. You do not want to distract them from the structure and details that your home has to offer year round. Choose a subtle theme that still aligns with the season. When you decorate for the holidays, you want to create a look that is cozy, warm and inviting without overdoing it.Some popular decor items you should try to avoid while your home is on the market are huge, bright multi-colored lights and Santas or snowmen that make noise or dance when you walk by. Generally, anything loud, noisy, or attention-grabbing is a no-go.One way to keep things festive without being too drastic is to use snowflake themed decorations that subtly reflect the winter season. You can add subtle touches like holiday-scented candles, a wreath or a holiday-themed welcome-mat.These are all things that won’t take too much attention away from the home itself, or be off-putting.If you want to throw in some extra holiday spirit, switch out your blankets and throw pillows with ones that have a vintage holiday theme (right photo source:

2. Coordinate with Everyday Decor

As you prepare to decorate for the holidays, keep in mind that you’ll want to choose colors and pieces that won’t clash with the rest of the decor in your home.If your current living-room decor consists of statement patterns or bold colors, it will be a bit more difficult to coordinate with the typical red and green color palette. If you find yourself struggling to coordinate your holiday decor with your current decor, try going with neutral ribbons, ornaments, and lights in white, silver, or gold.

3. Keep it Simple

We all love those cute ornaments that the kids make, but we suggest keeping them out of the main rooms of your home while it is on the market. In our Home Staging Tips From the Pros post, we discussed the importance of removing anything from your space that makes buyers feel as if the house belongs to somebody else – this also pertains to holiday decor.You can still display those personal ornaments on a small tree in bedrooms or play areas; buyers pay less attention to these areas and will know that they are meant for children. Another option is to take down personal family ornaments/holiday decor when a showing is scheduled.

4. Consult Your Agent

Whether you’re simply unsure of how to decorate your home or just want a second opinion, your agent should be your go-to person for these questions. That’s what we are here for. We can use our expertise in staging to help you deck the halls, without scaring away potential buyers.Are you looking to buy a home in Kansas City or thinking of putting your home on the market?  Give us a call today!  You can reach our team at 913.521.8806.  You can also come visit our office at 5000 W. 135th St. Leawood, KS 66224. Happy Holidays!

Sara Noble: A Tile Trip to NYC!

When it comes to trends, we’ve had our eyes on everything from wallpaper to lighting.  Now tile!  Throw away any thoughts of pale blue or green 4×4″ squares in the vanity.  Tile has gone absolutely glam and we absolutely love it.  It has become so decorative and detailed it almost mimics high-end wallpaper when you first look at it!In case you missed it, we have partnered with Sara Noble and the Noble Designs team!  Sara will be guest blogging for us each month on things like up-to-date design trends, decor and more.  We’re excited to pair up with one of the best designers in town!  Sara has been designing for lucky Kansas Citians for over 16 years and has grown her company to include a team of five designers plus additional staff.

Tile Bar in NYC

Sara writes, “Hi from sunny New York City! I had the opportunity to come to the city for two weeks.  While I’m still doing my normal work, I’ll get the chance to see showrooms for design product in NYC. After a design studio at Lori Weitzner, I found myself on the street and in tile heaven. My first stop was Tile Bar where their brand new showroom highlighted the interesting tiles they had for sale. I would not say that I found a new trend that is not in Kansas City, but I was able to see more of the product live and in person which is dreamy.

Artistic Tile

Next up was Artistic Tile which had a high-end showroom to kill for. The displays were simply creative masterpieces. The front windows were adorned with a bride and groom made out of tile and a little kid, his dog and an umbrella also made out of tile. Then you go in to find beautiful vignettes that showcase their tiles. So many fun things to pick from.


Finally, I wrapped up my day with Porcelaus that had a spacious showroom. Their tile was fun and with an emphasis on large scale format. The vanities are really what caught at my eye at this showroom. So whether you are building new or thinking of buying with the intent to remodel, tile is where it’s at.There are so many options  that can give your space a rich, unique feel. Think about doing it an unexpected areas like up the entire vanity wall or on the front of island. You can’t go wrong with these pearls!”    Be sure to bookmark our blog and check back often as Sara will be contributing content each month and give us tips and trends on all things decor and design!  Like what you see?  Follow Noble Designs on Instagram at @nobledesigns!  Look for the crown! 

Noble Designs: The Wonders of Wallpaper!

In case you missed it, last month we announced our partnership with Sara Noble and the Noble Designs team!  Sara will be guest blogging for us each month on things like up-to-date design trends, decor and more.  We’re excited to pair up with one of the best designers in town!  Sara has been designing for lucky Kansas Citians for 16 years and has grown her company to include a team of five designers plus additional staff.

Wallpaper, updated

This piece by Sara is all about the Wonders of Wallpaper!  As always, she’s right on trend. Wallpaper is one of those updates that can be (relatively) simple and inexpensive.  Of course, you can quickly lose yourself in gorgeous wallcoverings that cost a pretty penny!  If the word “wallpaper” evokes images of stodgy florals and animals, think again!  Today’s patterns feature things like:

  • retro patterns and artwork
  • embellished art deco designs
  • abstract and unique graphic prints
  • natural imagery with a modern twist

The Wonders of Wallpaper

“Hello!  I’m sitting here working on my first blog for Cami Jones Collaborative and I’m thinking about my bag of tricks.   I started reviewing some of the work we have done I found a theme!  I LOVE wallpaper!  It transforms a space.  It’s daring and fun.  I will be the first to admit it can be dated and awful but the new papers are fresh and instantly update any space.

My first experience with interior design was when I was 14 years old and got the opportunity to decorate my new room. We had moved to a new city which (was not part of my teenage plan). I’m guessing my mother encouraged a room makeover to divert my negative attitude.  And it worked!I loved my pink heart paper separated by a chair rail and the delicate pink flower paper on top. The perfect backdrop to my teddy bear collection.  Makes me sound like a real goody two shoes!  And in retrospect, it does seem a bit immature.

Wallpaper WOW!

But I digress, today’s paper has the ability to create a wow factor, and, despite what our parents might say, it is not permanent.  Today’s wallpapers are made to not tear down the walls if you change your mind in 10 years.  I especially love the look in a powder room.  I think people are willing to be more daring in this space and the size means you don’t need a lot of material making it a budget-friendly possibility for almost anyone.Some of my favorite brands are Schumacher, Thiabaut, and Cole and Son.  If you are in the market for a quick makeover give us a call and we will be happy to show our stash of samples and help you find the perfect design.”

Be sure to bookmark our blog and check back often as Sara will be contributing content each month and give us tips and trends on all things decor and design!  Like what you see?  Follow Noble Designs on Instagram at @nobledesigns!  Look for the crown! 

Meet Sara Noble: Our Featured Design Partner!

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Sara Noble and the Noble Designs team!  Sara will be guest blogging for us each month on things like up-to-date design trends, decor and more.  We’re excited to pair up with one of the best designers in town!  Sara has been designing for lucky Kansas Citians for 16 years and has grown her company to include a team of five designers plus additional staff. We absolutely love her modern classic design aesthetic.  Sara says, “I think it’s important to ground your space with some classics but equally important to add in a fresh twist so it stays current.”  We couldn’t agree more.  Think classic with a punch, simple but elegant.  Another thing we love about Sara’s sensibilities is that even though she adds fresh twists to stay current, her designs are really timeless and her homes and spaces are designed to last.

Sara Noble’s Inspiration

We asked Sara where she draws her inspiration.  She said, “Inspiration is everywhere.  I am a certified Instagram junkie.  Pinterest has good ideas as well.  And then we travel for fun and for work.  The market at High Point (North Carolina) is always inspiring and builds up our enthusiasm!”  She also notes being inspired by fashion, photography and style icons Jacqueline Kennedy and Kansas City’s Kate Spade.

Sara’s Family…in her own words

“I have two kids who are currently racing around preparing for finals which kills their mother who would prefer they didn’t wait until the last minute.  My daughter, Eleanor, will be a senior next year and is heavily involved in volleyball.  My son, Andrew, will be a sophomore and loves soccer. They are good kids and most days I’m happy to not only claim them but show them off.  My boyfriend Vince works as an appraiser.  It allows for a good mix of conversation on design and finance and how the two affect each other.  My parents are two doors down, and I’m happy to report that I love it!  They are easygoing, supportive and always ready to make cocktails. My brother and his two kids aren’t far away either, which is great.”

Tell us about YOUR home!

It goes without saying that everyone want to know about the designer’s home!  What does it look like?  (Same thing goes for chefs…everyone wonders what they cook when at home and what sort of appliances are used!)  “I built a home in Olathe 4 years ago near my kids’ school.  I love it.  It’s not huge, and like any home, I have things I wish I could have afforded, but the style is all me.  I have a white colonial home on the outside and made the inside more modern with an offset fireplace that has sleek marble floor to ceiling.  I have some bright wallpaper on the kitchen wall and fun, interesting lights everywhere.  My next move will be downtown when the kids are out of high school.  I’m excited to build something for a different life phase.”We also asked Sara to tell us 3 inexpensive things that homeowners can do to transform or update a room.  Here’s what she said:

  • Paint – One of the cheapest and most dramatic transformations. We are seeing light colors becoming more and more popular.
  • Fresh Flowers – Trader Joe’s is my secret weapon. You can buy a cheap bunch of flowers and then snip some greenery from your bushes at home to mix in.
  • Lighting – Really this should be #1, lighting is the most important thing you can do to transform a room. However I’m not sure I would put this in the inexpensive category. Lighting is so important I think it’s where you should start with your budget and it’s where you should be willing to splurge.  (See our previous post on lighting.)

She said that if she had to come with another inexpensive update, she would go with new kitchen towels!  “There are so many fun patterns now and people forget how gross their old ones get.”

How Sara will help Cami’s clients through our blog:

“I am thrilled to be working with Cami and her team.  We love the homes she sells. So anytime we get to peek at one, we get a good look at the Kansas City market and those who care about their homes.  I hope to share some fun tips with everyone and remind them that sometimes it makes sense to bring in a professional. We are ready to share with you what we can do!”Be sure to bookmark our blog and check back often as Sara will be contributing content each month and give us tips and trends on all things decor and design!  Like what you see?  Follow Noble Designs on Instagram at @nobledesigns!  Look for the crown!

5 lighting trends we love

Lighting is something that you typically notice when it’s really good or really bad.  Many homeowners make the mistake of not having enough when it comes to lighting.  Sometimes, certain events at your home call for different lighting.  (Think an evening cocktail party.)  People often wonder if they can mix finishes in their rooms (do the light fixtures in my kitchen need to match the cabinet pulls?).  With so much to consider, we thought we’d highlight some of the trends we are loving now!

Chandeliers:  Lighting with big impact

The classic overhead fixture has come a long way!  Chandeliers can be had in contemporary designs with updated finishes.Warm metals are popping up everywhere!  Think of fixtures made of rich copper (hammered or raw copper exude a natural beauty, while a satin finish feels luxurious) or brass.  Brass fixtures can be polished, aged or burnished.  The varying patinas give totally different looks!  Brass is definitely making a comeback.  A few weeks back, we shared an awesome photo of a powder room with a mosaic tile floor and brass bath fixtures.  Check it out on our Instagram account!Gold tones (especially rose gold) are also hot this year.  Like its brass counterpart, gold doesn’t always have to be shiny and bright.

Vintage Vibe:  Upgraded

“Vintage” is one of those oft-overused words.  When it applies to this year’s lighting trends, there’s a little “upgrade” from the typical looks that celebrate an older, industrial age.  This year’s fixtures really showcase sleeker materials and modern technology.  Sure, fans will still see the natural colors, rustic finishes and simple designs that have come to define vintage lighting.The sleeker materials make the lights feel more thoughtful in design and less “I found this old bucket, hung it upside down and screwed a lightbulb in it!”.  Vintage lights work well in the kitchen (think above the island or work space) and as wall lights or sconces. (Image:  Library Pendant by Troy Lighting, via Bellacor.)

Mixed Metals

It’s like wondering if you can wear a brown belt with black shoes.  Can you mix metals when it comes to your lighting choices?  The short answer is yes.  Mixing metallic design elements can be achieved by doing it within a single lighting fixture or even within a larger design environment (an entire room).The key?  Make your choices look intentional.  Put some thought into it.  One of the areas you can look to “mix” it up is the actual texture of the fixtures.  Consider mixing hammered, matte and even polished finishes for a layered, rich look.  You might also consider mixing warm metals (gold, copper) and cold (silver, chrome) metals.

Energy-Saving bulbs

As with many areas of their lives, homeowners are choosing to go green and conserve energy wherever possible.  It comes as no surprise that choosing energy-saving lightbulbs helps homeowners create a more earth-friendly home.  LED and CFL bulbs are currently the most efficient choices.  These use up to 80% less energy and last significantly longer than incandescent bulbs.  Before purchasing bulbs, make sure you light fixture is compatible!

Star light, Star BRIGHT!

Starburst fixtures catapulted onto the scene last year and they are still making major statements everywhere you look.  You can see this bold fixture combines the WOWS of the gold and the starburst. (Image:, like a quick paint makeover, lighting is an inexpensive way to dramatically update your home.  We often have sellers look at their lighting before we list and a) make sure there’s enough to highlight the home, and b) that it is updated and works with the aesthetic of the home.  Read more about staging here.The Cami Jones Collaborative team is committed to helping our sellers realize top dollar for their homes!  We offer best-in-class marketing support, and you can expect things like professional staging services, photography, expertly-made flyers, postcards, and a smart social media strategy.  Contact us here or call us today at 913-402-2550 and let us show you how we use the latest and most effective technology to market it in a variety of ways.*Photo Credit:  allen + roth Collinwick Pendant lanterns over the island via Lowe’s

4 Outdoor Living Design Trends We’re Loving

Spring has us thinking about spending outdoor time with family and friends!  There are so many amazing trends on tap for 2018 when it comes to outdoor living and backyards.  Our team’s featured listings even showcase unique features like fire pits and screen porches.  These essentially extend the living space!  Manufacturers have introduced us to new materials, furnishings that hold up to the elements and fixtures that are pretty enough to use inside!  Thoughtfully-designed backyard space is like having an addition on to your home.  Incorporate some of this year’s trends, and you might never leave the outdoors!

Watch the Big Game outside!

It’s very popular to not only have a flat screen mounted in your outdoor living space, but to have a nice bar to go with it!  Those late spring and summer Royals games become neighborhood events when the game, snacks and cold drinks are right there!  People are opting for “self serve” casual bar setups, and often sinks, refrigerators and cabinetry are incorporated.  We’re drawn to this outdoor, multiple-screen sports bar as seen on Pinterest…who wouldn’t be?!?  Especially in March, when you want to see multiple basketball games at the same time!

La Cantina Folding Doors- bring the outside in

WOW!  Removing the kitchen wall and adding La Cantina folding doors allows for seamless movement between the inside and out.   Think how awesome it is when your favorite restaurant throws open those garage doors in the spring and summer…same deal!  Folding or movable doors really allow you to bring the outside in.  Check out this amazing image of La Cantina folding doors from

Matching Flooring and Fixtures to the inside

It’s increasingly popular to match flooring and fixtures so your outside space truly feels like an extension of the inside.  To that end, showy landscapes are out, and functional living spaces made from good quality materials are in.  Gone are the days of using inexpensive indoor/outdoor carpet and hardware-store lawn furniture.  People are really investing in their outdoor living spaces, and it shows!Outdoor fabrics are even being designed by top designers and force you to take a double-take…can you really leave them outside in the elements?  Yes!  Fade-resistant, waterproof, comfortable and stylish…sign us up!

Energy Efficient (and nice looking) outdoor heating

Eating, relaxing and using your outdoor space can almost be a year-round thing (unless we get one of those ridiculous Midwest winter storms!) if you employ good heating.  There are lots of newer, efficient and even attractive looking options!  Patio heaters are always a good option, and they remain popular choices for restaurants, bars and homes.  Patio heaters can be floor standing, tabletop, wall mounted and ceiling mounted, and most run on propane gas.

This is a great video that breaks down the options and may help you decide which best suits the needs of you and your family!

If you’re looking to add on or redo your backyard, we hope we’ve provided some inspiration!  If you’re looking to buy a home with an already-fabulous outdoor living space, we can help you make that part of your search.  Any of the experienced agents on our Cami Jones Collaborative team can make your dream a reality!  Call us today or contact us here.

5 Top Trends for Basement Design in 2018

If you’ve got children (especially teenagers) then you well know that everyone likes a bit of privacy.  Some like to spread out in the basement, and have their own space to plug in, tune out and unwind.  Maybe your family just grew by a set of in-laws who moved in, or a recent college graduate who you thought was officially on their own only to return!Any of these scenarios might have you contemplating a basement remodel.  You might even be finishing the basement as part of a new construction.  Either way, we’ve poked around and thought we’d share some of 2018’s top trends when it comes to basements.Rewind a few years, and a basement remodel was basically done to add storage.  Maybe the remodel added on another bedroom (or pseudo-bedroom) or created a toy room or game room.  Today’s basements and lower levels are far more functional, featuring usable space that even adds value to a home in the process.  Here’s what is trending for this year:

Basement Theater/Media Rooms

In general, you have two options.  You can enclose a theater or media room, making almost a mini movie theater.  The other option is to have a more open TV space.  The open space is obviously more casual and more cost-effective.  It’s a good option if your kiddos are smaller and you don’t necessarily want them out of your sight when they’re watching TV!   A theater room is a great upgrade to a basement and can include everything from a HUGE projection screen to reclining seats, surround sound and custom lighting.  If theater’s not your thing, game rooms are also big!

In-Law Suites

For in-laws that visit often, or have become permanent fixtures in your home, an in-law suite might be a good investment.  At the basic level, you’d want to include a nice bedroom and on-suite bathroom.  Have the space and budget?  Include a kitchenette and even a reading nook or small study.  As our parents live longer and many choose to age in place, an in-law suite is a great optino for many families.

Open Concept, Lots of Public Spaces

Open concept is exactly what it sounds like:  open spaces with very few walls separating living spaces.  Many homeowners choose to go open concept in the main living areas, and then continue that to the basement.  A plus for smaller basements is that you don’t lose valuable floor space by creating lots of walls.  You can maximize usable space while making a modern, open feel.   As an extension of this, many people choose to carry the same finishes through to the basement.  If they’ve gone with an espresso hardwood or glazed cabinetry upstairs, they carry that through to the basement.  The end result?  The basement feels like the rest of the house, not an afterthought.  Many choose to forego the basement door and just have an open staircase going down.

Home Gym

People have always been on board with using the basement to work out and store exercise equipment.  Some are even taking the gym concept a bit further and creating mini spas.  We’ve seen infrared saunas and shower areas installed expressly for use in the exercise area.  As with any areas, the sky is the limit when deciding how luxurious you want to go…and what the budget will allow!

Multi-use Spaces

We’ve seen lots of areas that are multi-purposed for busy families.  For example, an area with a large built-in counter could double as a craft room and a homework nook.  People like convertible spaces so they’re not “locked in” to having one thing in one place.  Convertible spaces are good for resale, as the space allows a potential buyer to envision her “stuff” there.*image courtesy of Just Basements / Houzz

Home Décor Trends 2018

We’re well into January and we’ve been compiling 2018 home décor trends from our favorite websites and blogs!  We thought we’d share what we’ve seen so far.  It’s no surprise, but the categories that make us “ooooh” and “ahhhh” are Kitchen and Bath.  These areas are where most homeowners choose to focus their time, energy (and money).  They are also the places where one change (flooring, tile, lighting, wall covering) can make a huge impact.Often, many homeowners look to see where they’ll get the most bang for their buck when spending décor or remodel dollars.  It should come as no surprise that according to HGTV, a minor bathroom remodel pays the biggest dividends.  They note that it costs about $10,500 to replace the tub, tile surround, floor, toilet, sink, vanity and fixtures. You’ll get back an average of $10,700 at resale, a recoup rate of 102 percent.  But how to decorate?  Here are the latest décor trends for 2018, broken down into some major categories:


 According to ELLE Decor, the #1 kitchen trend to look for is colored cabinets; blue and green specifically.  These fresh hues can be mixed with other colors or complementing wood stains.  They are even bold enough to stand on their trendsAnother trend is to go bold (if blue and green cabinets weren’t bold enough for you!).  Consider using Pantone’s color of the year, Ultra Violet.  If painting an entire wall is too much for you, use it as an accent color.  Perhaps paint the inside of a built-in with the bold color or call attention to a tufted seat, piece of art, or accent wall.Sticking with the dark, bold colors that are on-trend for kitchens, dark countertops are back in.  Dramatic blacks are in style as are deep greens.Mix-and-match finishes are something to look for, too.  “Using multiple colors in kitchens has become a popular trend this year. For example, painting base walls or cabinets in a dark charcoal tone and upper cabinets and walls in creamy off-white tones is something we’re seeing more and more of,” according to Sue Wadden, the director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams.  This would be in contrast to a kitchen with white cabinets, white tile and a white countertop.Finally, high contrast marble with bold veining is very popular as a kitchen statement piece.


According to trendsetters, stainless steel and polished nickel might be things of the past, replaced by brass (again!).  Brass accents actually impart a warm tone when compared to the sometimes cold and clinical look of stainless steel.  Think brass faucet fixtures or cabinet handles.  These would look great coupled with another trend for baths– black and white.  We’ve seen some terrific black and white tile floor designs.  Another cool look is to wallpaper one wall of the vanity in a glossy black and white pattern, and paint the other walls solid.Bucket sinks (also known as Trough sinks) are farmhouse inspired and will be popular in both kitchen and bath.  Think retro and nostalgic…these are hot!  (Image via Pinterest.)


Huffington Post points out that one of the biggest trends is lighting is to “buy local.”  Interesting, artisan lighting fixtures from local artists and small businesses ensure that your home doesn’t look like every other one in the neighborhood!  They personalize your home and boost the local economy, to boot!We will continue to see more LED lighting.  It is affordable and cost-efficient in the long run.  The upfront cost for LED bulbs is likely more…but you will make it up as they are more efficient.  Look for LED lights outside of the home as well.  People are spending more time and money on their patios and outdoor living spaces, and lighting is no exception.Look also for nostaligic details like retro Edison bulbs, which were really making a surge in 2017.  They complement popular farmhouse style homes, industrial condos, lofts and everything in between.


Flooring, like many other areas of our lives, is increasingly giving a nod to alternative, eco-friendly and organic materials.  Linoleum has seen a resurgence as manufacturers have upped the style quotient and incorporated style and design that don’t scream hospital or grade school flooring.  Linoleum designs can even mimic limestone or other natural material with veining!Another popular flooring option is cork.  We love this look of cork penny mosaic with dark grout!  (Image courtesy  There are even newer whitewashed corks for a lighter look and feel.Ready to update your home?  Whether you’re updating so you can stay put, or updating and spiffing up to sell, there are lots of beautiful options out there!