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Sara Noble: A Tile Trip to NYC!

When it comes to trends, we’ve had our eyes on everything from wallpaper to lighting.  Now tile!  Throw away any thoughts of pale blue or green 4×4″ squares in the vanity.  Tile has gone absolutely glam and we absolutely love it.  It has become so decorative and detailed it almost mimics high-end wallpaper when you first look at it!In case you missed it, we have partnered with Sara Noble and the Noble Designs team!  Sara will be guest blogging for us each month on things like up-to-date design trends, decor and more.  We’re excited to pair up with one of the best designers in town!  Sara has been designing for lucky Kansas Citians for over 16 years and has grown her company to include a team of five designers plus additional staff.

Tile Bar in NYC

Sara writes, “Hi from sunny New York City! I had the opportunity to come to the city for two weeks.  While I’m still doing my normal work, I’ll get the chance to see showrooms for design product in NYC. After a design studio at Lori Weitzner, I found myself on the street and in tile heaven. My first stop was Tile Bar where their brand new showroom highlighted the interesting tiles they had for sale. I would not say that I found a new trend that is not in Kansas City, but I was able to see more of the product live and in person which is dreamy.

Artistic Tile

Next up was Artistic Tile which had a high-end showroom to kill for. The displays were simply creative masterpieces. The front windows were adorned with a bride and groom made out of tile and a little kid, his dog and an umbrella also made out of tile. Then you go in to find beautiful vignettes that showcase their tiles. So many fun things to pick from.


Finally, I wrapped up my day with Porcelaus that had a spacious showroom. Their tile was fun and with an emphasis on large scale format. The vanities are really what caught at my eye at this showroom. So whether you are building new or thinking of buying with the intent to remodel, tile is where it’s at.There are so many options  that can give your space a rich, unique feel. Think about doing it an unexpected areas like up the entire vanity wall or on the front of island. You can’t go wrong with these pearls!”    Be sure to bookmark our blog and check back often as Sara will be contributing content each month and give us tips and trends on all things decor and design!  Like what you see?  Follow Noble Designs on Instagram at @nobledesigns!  Look for the crown! 

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