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Increase Resale Value by Updating These Areas of Your Home

Your home is a big investment, and updating the areas we have listed below can significantly increase its value. Whether you’re renovating for your own personal satisfaction or looking to attain peak value before you sell your home, these upgrades are guaranteed to give you a return on your investment.

Home Updates That Will Increase Your Resale Value

Exterior Updates

You want your home to make a good first impression the moment buyers pull into the driveway. Exterior updates always provide a return on your investment and are relatively simple to execute.To begin, make sure that there are no plants covering the walkway leading to your front door. You can do this by neatly pruning trees and shrubs and removing any scattered debris. You should take some time to remove dead plants and replace them with healthy ones. Planting colorful flowers is an easy way to make the exterior of your home stand out. Choose flowers and shrubs that have a similar color scheme and vary the height of the plants for maximum impact.You can also install stone walkways and water features to boost your resale value. These design elements serve as impressive focal points in the front or backyard and give staid landscaping more aesthetic appeal.

Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel might seem like a big investment – and it can be – but kitchen renovations are a pretty safe bet when it comes to updating your home because they provide the greatest return on investment. Changing the paint on your walls and refinishing your cabinets instead of buying new ones are some simple and inexpensive ways to make this area more appealing. Other kitchen additions that buyers love to see when they walk through a home include:

  • Updated stainless steel appliances
  • Polished flooring
  • New window coverings
  • Modern light fixtures
  • Granite or marble countertops

Living Room Updates

Not surprisingly, the area where most of the ‘living’ takes place plays a significant role in the overall value of a home. While these updates don’t guarantee as large of a return as an exterior or kitchen remodel, their impact should not be underestimated. Living room decor alone can average a resale return of around 66%.Keep things looking clean and fresh by adding new light fixtures, outlet covers, floor registers, crown molding, drapes, and accessories. Low-cost updates like painting the walls, as well as repainting and finishing trim, can make your living space look like new again. Pro tip: When choosing paint colors, try to keep the palette as neutral as possible-this will depersonalize the space and make buyers feel like they are buying a home that doesn’t belong to someone else.We also suggest getting your living room carpet and/or hardwood flooring professionally cleaned before or replacing it altogether before you start showing your home. If you do decide to replace your flooring, it is hard to gauge if hardwood or carpet will give you the most bang for your buck because some buyers enjoy the coziness of carpet while others like the look of hardwood. It is a good idea to consult with your real estate agent to see what buyers are looking for in your area.

Revamping the Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is a room that can make or break a sale. It is another area where homeowners spend a lot of time and updates to this room average a return of around 52% at resale – certainly still a worthwhile investment.Updates to windows, walls, and flooring are easy, cost-effective and impactful. Hardwood flooring looks beautiful in a master bedroom accompanied by statement rugs, drapes, and complementary accent pieces. Swapping out light fixtures in the master bedroom can have a surprisingly positive and dramatic effect as well. Lighting and ambiance are crucial for this space, so consider a chandelier for a romantic and inviting aesthetic.Thinking of putting your home on the market?  Let us help you! Give us a call today!  You can reach our team at 913.521.8806.  Want to come and see us?  Our office is conveniently located at 5000 W. 135th St. Leawood, KS 66224.

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