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Our Favorite Brunch Spots in Kansas City

Brunch is one of those versatile meals that always leaves us with fond memories. Whether it’s a family meal or a fun time with friends, brunch is a great way to spend those late morning hours.There are so many awesome brunch spots around Kansas City that it can be hard to choose. Luckily our team of Kansas City experts have done the research (a tough job, but someone had to do it) to put together this list of awesome low-key brunch spots right here in Crown Town.

Check Out These Awesome Kansas City Brunch Spots ASAP


The name alone shows how dedicated this restaurant is to traditional brunch foods. Eggtc is a homey restaurant that focuses on all the favorites: eggs, crepes, waffles and pancakes, breakfast burritos, and so much more.The nice thing with this particular restaurant is that they know their strengths and they focus on them. They skip dinner and only serve breakfast, lunch, and brunch. Come for the food and stay for the deliciously crafted coffee drinks!If you’re looking for one of the best brunches in KC, Eggtc is a great place to start!

Blue Bird Bistro

Good organic food is what Blue Bird Bistro is all about. They skip the preservatives and additives and go straight for wholesome foods cooked with love.They offer a Sunday brunch full of succulent foods such as soups, cured salmon, salads, eggs of all preparations, and more!They also have great vegetarian and vegan options as well, making it a perfect choice for all types of brunch fans.

brunch-foodBristol Seafood Grill

If you’re a fan of delicious seafood, then this is the brunch spot for you.Bristol Seafood Grill offers a wide variety of options such as smoked fish, shrimp, crab souffl√©, and more. Their lobster mac and cheese is one of the best things on the entire brunch list – trust us on that one.But don’t worry. If you bring a friend who isn’t a fan of seafood, there are plenty of wonderful choices for them, too! Dishes such as omelets, waffles, grits, and corn hash are available for those who aren’t into the fish thing.

BLVD Tavern

Take your brunch experience to the Crossroads at Blvd Tavern. We love the atmosphere of this hip spot and the food even more! They have a wide variety of options that are sure to impress. From chilaquiles to French toast and corned-beef hash, BLVD Tavern brings breakfast comfort food to another level. With a full bar and delicious drink specials, this brunch spot is definitely where it is at in our opinion!

Beautiful Brunch Spots in Kansas City Are Easy to Find

Although the restaurants listed above are some of our favorite brunch spots in Kansas City, don’t worry. There are many more wonderful restaurants in the area that have delicious brunches.Finding that perfect brunch spot is all about experimentation. If one doesn’t suit your needs, try another. With so many places to choose from, you’re bound to find a Kansas City spot that makes you crave a good brunch meal.Whether you are looking to move to Kansas City or already live here and want a new place to call home the Cami Jones Collaborative Team is here for all of your other Kansas City real estate needs!Learn More about Buying a Home with Cami Jones Collaborative!

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