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Your Guide to Neighborhoods in Kansas City

[vc_row css=”.vc_custom_1541712722882{margin-bottom: 15px !important;}”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Updated November 2019There are tons of neighborhoods and subdivisions across the metro and each has their own distinct personality. We wanted to make your search for the perfect community a little easier with our 2019 Guide to Neighborhoods in Kansas City.If you are planning to relocate to Kansas City, you have probably started looking into what area is going to be the absolute best for you and your family, but here is a little more insight just for you – remember that there is plenty of information out there so do your research before choosing your new home.

Kansas City Neighborhoods: A Guide Based on Your Lifestyle

The first thing to note is that the Kansas City metro is in both Kansas and Missouri. One side is not necessarily better than the other. Each neighborhood has a distinct personality that can range from small and quaint to large and grand.You will want to choose an area based on what really matters to you and your lifestyle. Some things you might want to consider are:

  • Do you want to be close to your work?
  • Do you want your kids to go to the best schools in the city?
  • Do you want to be walking distance from shopping, restaurants, clubs, etc?

Maybe you want all three of these things. Determining what you want out of the area you live in is an imperative step towards choosing a home.

Calm, Quiet and Kid Friendly

[/vc_column_text][vcex_spacing size=”10px”][vc_single_image image=”1712″][vcex_spacing size=”10px”][vc_column_text]Many people, especially those with children, don’t want to live in a bustling downtown area. They want a place where their kids can play safely and get a good education.Homes in these areas offer space to grow and are more cost-effective than if you were to get the same size of space downtown (as it is with most cities).There are many places in the KC area that are ideal for families to settle down in, we have listed a few below both on the Kansas and Missouri side of the state line.

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[/vc_column_text][vcex_spacing size=”10px”][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-circle” font_color=”#d60080″ color=”#d60080″ icon_size=”8px”] Hazelwood[/vcex_list_item][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-circle” font_color=”#d60080″ color=”#d60080″ icon_size=”8px”] Mills Farm[/vcex_list_item][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-circle” font_color=”#d60080″ color=”#d60080″ icon_size=”8px”]Summerwood[/vcex_list_item][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-circle” font_color=”#d60080″ color=”#d60080″ icon_size=”8px”]Wilshire[/vcex_list_item][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″ css=”.vc_custom_1574791537878{padding-left: 30px !important;}”][vc_column_text]


[/vc_column_text][vcex_spacing size=”10px”][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-circle” font_color=”#d60080″ color=”#d60080″ icon_size=”8px”] Briarcliff[/vcex_list_item][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-circle” font_color=”#d60080″ color=”#d60080″ icon_size=”8px”]Eagle Creek[/vcex_list_item][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-circle” font_color=”#d60080″ color=”#d60080″ icon_size=”8px”]Shoal Creek[/vcex_list_item][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-circle” font_color=”#d60080″ color=”#d60080″ icon_size=”8px”]Staley Farms[/vcex_list_item][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-circle” font_color=”#d60080″ color=”#d60080″ icon_size=”8px”] Weatherby Lake[/vcex_list_item][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_column_text]

Downtown City Living

[/vc_column_text][vcex_spacing size=”10px”][vc_single_image image=”1707″][vcex_spacing size=”10px”][vc_column_text]Maybe you are the type of person who needs the sounds of the city to fall asleep at night and love being in the center of it all.If this sounds like you, downtown Kansas City has great neighborhoods with a lot to offer. Here is a list of downtown neighborhoods you might want to consider if you live and breathe the city life.Now, all of these areas are on the Missouri side of the state line, but you usually have easy access to all major highways so it is easy to get to any major part of the metro in about 20 minutes or so.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Downtown Kansas City Neighborhoods

[/vc_column_text][vcex_spacing size=”10px”][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″ css=”.vc_custom_1574791585107{padding-left: 30px !important;}”][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-circle” font_color=”#d60080″ color=”#d60080″ icon_size=”8px”]Crossroads Arts District[/vcex_list_item][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-circle” font_color=”#d60080″ color=”#d60080″ icon_size=”8px”]Garment District[/vcex_list_item][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-circle” font_color=”#d60080″ color=”#d60080″ icon_size=”8px”]River Market[/vcex_list_item][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″ css=”.vc_custom_1574791595670{padding-left: 30px !important;}”][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-circle” font_color=”#d60080″ color=”#d60080″ icon_size=”8px”]Westport[/vcex_list_item][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-circle” font_color=”#d60080″ color=”#d60080″ icon_size=”8px”]The Country Club Plaza[/vcex_list_item][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-circle” font_color=”#d60080″ color=”#d60080″ icon_size=”8px”] Hyde Park[/vcex_list_item][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_column_text]

Close to the City, Not in the City

[/vc_column_text][vcex_spacing size=”10px”][vc_single_image image=”1710″][vcex_spacing size=”10px”][vc_column_text]This is a very common request. Many people want to be near the city, but they don’t want to deal with the traffic, parking, party scene, or a slightly chaotic environment.These areas usually are great for first-time home buyers, because of the price point and proximity to the city.[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″ css=”.vc_custom_1574791606053{border-left-width: 30px !important;}”][vc_column_text]


[/vc_column_text][vcex_spacing size=”10px”][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-circle” font_color=”#d60080″ color=”#d60080″ icon_size=”8px”] Prairie Village[/vcex_list_item][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-circle” font_color=”#d60080″ color=”#d60080″ icon_size=”8px”] Shawnee[/vcex_list_item][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″ css=”.vc_custom_1574791614526{padding-left: 30px !important;}”][vc_column_text]


[/vc_column_text][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-circle” font_color=”#d60080″ color=”#d60080″ icon_size=”8px”] North Kansas City[/vcex_list_item][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-circle” font_color=”#d60080″ color=”#d60080″ icon_size=”8px”]Brookside[/vcex_list_item][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-circle” font_color=”#d60080″ color=”#d60080″ icon_size=”8px”]Waldo[/vcex_list_item][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text]Whether you are looking at single family homes or posh condos in River Market, Kansas City’s housing market has something for you.Remember to keep in mind what is most important to you and your lifestyle when searching for a new home in KC. Make sure to take into consideration what you want now and in the future because investing in a home is a long-term commitment and if you plan to have a family, you don’t want to be stuck in a one bedroom downtown.[/vc_column_text][vcex_spacing size=”15px”][vc_column_text]If you are making the move to Kansas City, our relocation specialists are here to help you! Let our team help you find the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood. Give us a call today!  You can reach our team at 913.521.8806.  Want to come and see us?  Our office is conveniently located at 5000 W. 135th St. Leawood, KS 66224.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”15px”][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vcex_button url=”” size=”large”]Tell Us About Your Dream Home[/vcex_button][/vc_column][/vc_row]

2018 Fall Parade of Homes

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The 2018 Fall Parade of Homes is right around the corner!  The start of school means the advent of all things fall– pumpkin patches, fall home tours and pumpkin spice lattes aren’t far behind! The Fall Parade is presented by The Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City (HBA) and is sponsored by Stewart Title.  Every year, thousands of area homeowners tour the Fall (and Spring) Parades for the latest in home design and construction.  Therefore, the annual event has become highly anticipated and kicks the already hot back-to-school buying season into full-on overdrive!  Homeowners looking to upgrade to a larger home, downsize to a smaller one or just browsing for design ideas will be sure to find lots of inspiration.This year’s Fall Parade of Homes features 330 homes!

Fall parades and home shows often spur people to tackle small (or major) home improvement projects or even look for a new home to purchase.  And new construction continues to be as big as ever.  We’ve blogged about the hot market and how it’s led to low inventory.  Listings are moving quickly and properties are hot, both new construction and resale.

The Fall Parade of Homes hours

The event runs September 22 through October 7, 2018. Homes will be open from 11 a.m to 6 p.m with free admission.  You can pick up a guide outside the HBA at I-435 and Holmes one week prior to the Parade.  Guides are also available in each of the Parade homes during the Parade.

Why visit the Fall Parade?

KC HBA President Harold Phelps (also President of Phelps Engineering) talks about the Parade and why people should come out to see the ideas, innovations and opportunities that abound for home buyers in the Kansas City market!

The Fall Parade of Homes is mobile-friendly

The HBA has made it easy to find your favorite homes and map your route!  There are apps available for download on both Android and Apple.  Here’s what you can do and expect from the app, and these features are fantastic for all house hunters!

  • Browse the homes and their features, choose your favorites and build a custom tour with driving directions.
  • Quick access to the most important features to help you find homes fast with the most up-to-date information available.
  • Advanced Search: Search for homes by location, subdivision, price range, style, amenities and much more.
  • Use the interactive map to see the entire parade at a glance. View and navigate to homes directly from the map.
  • Quickly find homes that are closest to you. Sort the homes by distance from where you are currently to save time.
  • Save your favorite homes and the app will create an optimized GPS route to get you from house to house the most efficient way.
  • View the award winning homes after they are announced. Search to quickly find the the winners.

If you’re a desktop person, no worries.  You can still search by location, price range, builder, subdivision, school district, etc. using this link.  As of now, there are 330 entries!*images and information provided by[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Meet Sara Noble: Our Featured Design Partner!

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Sara Noble and the Noble Designs team!  Sara will be guest blogging for us each month on things like up-to-date design trends, decor and more.  We’re excited to pair up with one of the best designers in town!  Sara has been designing for lucky Kansas Citians for 16 years and has grown her company to include a team of five designers plus additional staff. We absolutely love her modern classic design aesthetic.  Sara says, “I think it’s important to ground your space with some classics but equally important to add in a fresh twist so it stays current.”  We couldn’t agree more.  Think classic with a punch, simple but elegant.  Another thing we love about Sara’s sensibilities is that even though she adds fresh twists to stay current, her designs are really timeless and her homes and spaces are designed to last.

Sara Noble’s Inspiration

We asked Sara where she draws her inspiration.  She said, “Inspiration is everywhere.  I am a certified Instagram junkie.  Pinterest has good ideas as well.  And then we travel for fun and for work.  The market at High Point (North Carolina) is always inspiring and builds up our enthusiasm!”  She also notes being inspired by fashion, photography and style icons Jacqueline Kennedy and Kansas City’s Kate Spade.

Sara’s Family…in her own words

“I have two kids who are currently racing around preparing for finals which kills their mother who would prefer they didn’t wait until the last minute.  My daughter, Eleanor, will be a senior next year and is heavily involved in volleyball.  My son, Andrew, will be a sophomore and loves soccer. They are good kids and most days I’m happy to not only claim them but show them off.  My boyfriend Vince works as an appraiser.  It allows for a good mix of conversation on design and finance and how the two affect each other.  My parents are two doors down, and I’m happy to report that I love it!  They are easygoing, supportive and always ready to make cocktails. My brother and his two kids aren’t far away either, which is great.”

Tell us about YOUR home!

It goes without saying that everyone want to know about the designer’s home!  What does it look like?  (Same thing goes for chefs…everyone wonders what they cook when at home and what sort of appliances are used!)  “I built a home in Olathe 4 years ago near my kids’ school.  I love it.  It’s not huge, and like any home, I have things I wish I could have afforded, but the style is all me.  I have a white colonial home on the outside and made the inside more modern with an offset fireplace that has sleek marble floor to ceiling.  I have some bright wallpaper on the kitchen wall and fun, interesting lights everywhere.  My next move will be downtown when the kids are out of high school.  I’m excited to build something for a different life phase.”We also asked Sara to tell us 3 inexpensive things that homeowners can do to transform or update a room.  Here’s what she said:

  • Paint – One of the cheapest and most dramatic transformations. We are seeing light colors becoming more and more popular.
  • Fresh Flowers – Trader Joe’s is my secret weapon. You can buy a cheap bunch of flowers and then snip some greenery from your bushes at home to mix in.
  • Lighting – Really this should be #1, lighting is the most important thing you can do to transform a room. However I’m not sure I would put this in the inexpensive category. Lighting is so important I think it’s where you should start with your budget and it’s where you should be willing to splurge.  (See our previous post on lighting.)

She said that if she had to come with another inexpensive update, she would go with new kitchen towels!  “There are so many fun patterns now and people forget how gross their old ones get.”

How Sara will help Cami’s clients through our blog:

“I am thrilled to be working with Cami and her team.  We love the homes she sells. So anytime we get to peek at one, we get a good look at the Kansas City market and those who care about their homes.  I hope to share some fun tips with everyone and remind them that sometimes it makes sense to bring in a professional. We are ready to share with you what we can do!”Be sure to bookmark our blog and check back often as Sara will be contributing content each month and give us tips and trends on all things decor and design!  Like what you see?  Follow Noble Designs on Instagram at @nobledesigns!  Look for the crown!

8 staging tips to get top dollar for your home

Staging.  It’s kind of a buzz word when it comes to listing your home.  When we talk about staging, we’re describing a method of decorating meant to showcase a home’s best assets, impress buyers and sell it quickly for the highest possible price.  A big part of it has to do with making it possible for buyers to visualize themselves in your home.   It’s almost a way of depersonalizing your home, which is the opposite of what an interior designer would do.You know that feeling…when you walk into “the one” and immediately think “Tommy will sleep here…and this will be Emma’s room,” etc.  It’s easy to see yourself living in that property and you’re hooked and ready to move in!  So what staging tricks can you do as a seller to get top dollar for your home?

8 Staging Tips

  1. Add mirrors.  Mirrors make a dark room look lighter, and a small room look larger by multiplying and reflecting light.  For added impact, put three or four identical mirrors side-by-side to create a large display.
  2. Stick to natural, neutral colors with pops of accent color.  The accent color(s) and rich fabrics are where a little personality can show through and make things look less sterile.  Don’t be afraid to break up that beige and gray!
  3. Even though you want to make your house stand out, keep the neighborhood and area trends in mind.  Exposed brick walls and rustic Edison bulbs might look great in a downtown loft, but might feel out of place in your suburban home.  Keep with the vibe and design of your home when staging for others to see.
  4. Get rid of clutter!  This includes furniture, accessories and photos.  Clear off those countertops!  Free the fridge of all the kids’ artwork!
  5. Try floating your furniture.  By “floating,” we mean pulling it off the walls and creating conversation groupings.  It can make a room feel much larger.
  6. Try hanging drapes that start higher than the window molding and go all the way to the floor.  This makes a room appear larger, too!
  7. Pay attention to lighting!  Most homes are darker than they should be and homeowners just get used to it over time.
  8. Decorate with the “rule of 3s” in mind.  For your accessories, try to group in threes, with varying heights.  The items shouldn’t be lined up soldier-style, but arranged in a triangle formation, with one object at each point.  Put the largest item in the back.

8 inexpensive upgrades to try!

Try these and get some big bang for your buck.

  1. A fresh coat of paint
  2. New throw pillows
  3. Add a new blanket or throw
  4. New scented candle (one scent throughout house works best)
  5. Paying for a thorough professional cleaning
  6. Making minor repairs
  7. Changing out kitchen hardware
  8. Change your light bulbs to a higher wattage

The Cami Jones & Company team is committed to helping our sellers realize top dollar for their homes!  We offer best-in-class marketing support, and you can expect things like professional staging services, photography, expertly-made flyers, postcards, and a smart social media strategy.  Contact us here or call us today at 913-402-2550 and let us show you how we use the latest and most effective technology to market it in a variety of ways.*image from

Low inventory levels- Cami’s team can help sellers & buyers!

The lack of available real estate inventory results in a “seller’s market,” posing a challenge for buyers.  It can be a good thing, depending on what side of the transaction you find yourself!  The Kansas City real estate market has been very hot, often resulting in multiple offers on Day 1.  Many sellers find themselves receiving OVER asking price with no contingencies attached. A hot market is typically good news for home sellers: inventory is low, and competition is high.

This process can be sped up even MORE if your house has some or all of the following:

  • Custom/upgraded finishes
  • Priced right, under the guidance of a real estate expert
  • Desirable school district
  • Finished lower level
  • Fresh, clean paint and floor coverings
  • Desirable neighborhood with nearby amenities
  • Location near schools, highway access, shopping, restaurants

On the flip side, buyers will be up against a lot of other people vying for the same piece of property, and up against a short supply of existing homes.  Also, first-time buyers in high demand areas may find that their best offer is beaten out by cash buyers and investors.  Use an experienced real estate agent (like any one of us on the Cami Jones Collaborative Team!) to help you get a handle on the market and look over what’s available.  You will need to decide where you can or can’t (or aren’t willing to) compromise.  Remember, finishes and appliances and paint colors are easy to change, location isn’t.  (Read our previous post on HOT neighborhoods in south Johnson County!)As a buyer, you’ll want to get your financing lined up so you don’t waste any time in a hot market.  Once you find the house…be ready to pull the trigger with your offer! And be ready to offer without contingencies.  In a hot market, sellers will likely take the cleanest offer:  the one with no contingencies, the one with the most money down and the one offering the quickest (or most preferable) closing date.

How Our Team Helps Buyers:

New Buyer Consultation

We want to meet with you! Contact a Cami Jones Collaborative agent to schedule a new buyer consultation. We’ll sit down and discuss your wants, needs, and timeline.

Determine How Much House You Can Afford

During your consultation, we’ll put you in touch with our trusted loan officers for a free pre-approval. Knowing you’re pre-approved not only helps you narrow your search but shows sellers you’re a motivated buyer.

Set Up a Home Match Account

This is an exclusive tool that Cami Jones Collaborative offers you through our partnership with ReeceNichols. With the help of your Cami Jones Collaborative. agent (or on your own), set up a custom Home Match account to begin researching available homes in your desired community.

Preview Homes and Tour Different Areas

Now it’s time to see your choices up close, and start to gauge the market. Your agent can quickly set up showings of homes you’re interested in. And since we are partners with ReeceNichols, you’ll have the chance to view hundreds of open houses in just a few days at their special Open House Celebration weekend each month.

Make and Negotiate an Offer

Once you’ve found THE one, your Cami Jones Collaborative agent will prepare the offer to purchase and review all the details. No stone will go unturned to make sure everything is on the up-and-up.  After the contract is submitted, your agent will use her expertise to negotiate the purchase of the home with your best interests in mind, while continuing to communicate with you every step of the way.

Finalize the Contract and Mortgage Paperwork

Now that the seller has agreed to all of the terms, the paperwork, inspections, appraisals, and mortgage will be finalized. Begin packing and planning for your big move!

Closing Day & Move In!

Pop the champagne, the big day has come. Your agent will be by your side on closing day as you sign the paperwork to purchase your new home. Celebrate accordingly!!  YourCami Jones Collaborative team is never finished. While your home purchase is complete, we will continue to be a resource for any and all home-related questions.Above all, be flexible and be patient!  Your dream house awaits, it’s just a matter of time.  Good luck!  Contact us today and let us help you sell and find your next home!*image from ReeceNichols; based on Heartland MLS Statistics

2018 Greater Kansas City Home Show

The 2018 Greater Kansas City Home Show is right around the corner!  The Home Show is presented by The Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City (HBA).  The Home Show has been a Kansas City tradition for 70 years.  Every year, thousands of area homeowners visit the Home Show for the latest in ideas and inspiration for their homes.  The Home Builders Association held Kansas City’s first home show in 1948.   Therefore, the annual event has become the go-to showcase for home improvement, technology, and design ideas as well as a fun-filled day with activities for all ages.  The event will be held at Kansas City’s Bartle Hall Convention Center in downtown.

Spring home shows often spur people to tackle small (or major) home improvement projects or even look for a new home to purchase.  And new construction continues to be as big as ever.  We recently profiled 5 south Johnson County neighborhoods where listings are moving quickly and properties are hot, both new construction and resale.

The Home Show hours

Friday, March 23 at 12 PM – 8 PMSaturday, March 24 at 10:00 AM – 7:00 PMSunday, March 25 at 10:00 AM – 5:00 PMTicket Prices:

  • Advance General Admission Tickets (Tickets are $15 starting 3/23): $10
  • Friday Night Beer Tasting Ticket (Advance Price, Includes Admission) $15
  • Jeff Lewis Reserved Seating and Meet & Greet Ticket (Saturday and Sunday tickets available): $25
  • At the Door Tickets: $15
  • Children 12 years and under FREE
  • No Refunds/Exchanges. Rain or Shine
Jeff Lewis, star of Bravo’s hit docu-series “Flipping Out,” will headline the Home Show. Jeff will appear on Saturday and Sunday (March 24 and 25). After each of his stage presentations, Jeff will participate in a meet and greet for home show guests (separate ticket required).

Exhibitor Booths:

There will be over 300 exhibitors on site, giving you tons of ideas for home building, renovations, remodeling, spring cleaning and more!  Just some of the categories include:
• Appliances, Cleaning Products & Services, Household Supplies• Decks & Patios, Landscape & Outdoors, Lawn/Garden Supplies• Doors, Windows – Coverings, Cleaning• Home Entertainment, Electronics, Security• Home Exteriors• Homebuilding, Remodeling, Room Additions• Interior Design, Furniture, Home Décor/Art• Kitchen & Bath• Lighting – Indoor, Outdoor• Organization• Pet Products/Services, Pest Control• Recreation, Health & Wellness, Pools & Spas

Other can’t miss attractions at this year’s Home Show:

-Students who entered  The KC Manufacturing and Design Expo contest will display their woodworking and/or metalwork projects. Projects are not limited in scope and can range from a tiny house to a dining room table.  Finally, the winners will be announced during the Home Show. -The Junior Design Challenge is an educational interior design competition open to all Kansas City metro area junior high and high school students.  Ten semi-finalists in each age group will be invited to the Home Show where their designs will be presented on stage. From there, two finalists in each age group will be selected for a live challenge at the Greater Kansas City Home Show.-The Strawberry Swing Indie Craft Fair is the Midwest’s celebration of the handmade movement.  Attendees will be able to shop for home decor and more — all made by local artisans.  This year’s show features more than 30 vendors.Jeff Lewis, star of Bravo’s Flipping Out, presentations:

  • Sat., March 24 at 2:00 p.m. (open seating/viewing)
  • Sun. March 25 at 11:00 a.m. (open seating/viewing)

Jeff Lewis Meet & Greet Tickets Include:

  • Admission to the Home Show on Saturday OR Sunday (tickets are day specific)
  • A seat in the reserved section during the Jeff Lewis presentation
  • Admission to the meet and greet event immediately following the presentation

Many terrific sponsors are involved with this year’s event as well.  The Kansas City Star/, Kansas City SPACES Magazine, spire, ALENCO, Henges, Backyard Specialists, Hunt Midwest and The Strawberry Swing are currently on board!  Look for more to come.  Hope to see you there!*images and information provided by

Cami’s team offers best-in-class marketing support

When you use the services of a Realtor®, you want to be sure they are using every available marketing tool to help move your property. You can be assured that the Cami Jones Collaborative team will do just that!  We consistently move more real estate in Kansas City than other teams because we know marketing and we intimately understand this market.There’s much more to marketing a home than simply inputting the info into MLS, watching and waiting.  Our team has decades of combined experience and multiple tools at our disposal to market your home.

Transaction Support

Christine Carlson is our team’s transaction coordinator.  She spends her days (and nights!) coordinating every detail of the transaction pertaining to your sale or purchase.  There are no details left to chance.  Through Christine’s expertise, she supports our real estate agents while supporting each one of our clients.

Online Marketing Support

We are committed to helping our clients achieve maximum exposure for their listing.  This includes maintaining active social media accounts.  We regularly post and promote our listings on our social media channels.  You can  like us on Facebook , follow us on Twitter and InstagramWe’re even on LinkedIn, as Cami Jones Collaborative, ReeceNichols.  We have an established network of colleagues who look for and anticipate our listings and are ready to share our content.  This sort of “viral marketing” often leads to offers early in the process!

Offline Marketing Support

Offline (traditional) marketing support can encompass anything from hosting Open Houses to regular communication with other agents.  Sometimes, we are able to feature our listings on Tuesday agent tours, which ups the exposure to the agent community.  We offer professionally prepared marketing materials to highlight your home and showcase its features to potential buyers.  This includes best-in-class photography and staging opportunities.  You have the wonderful property…it’s up to us to highlight it and sell it for you!Here are three of our featured listings; feel free to take a look!

Listing #2072753
SELLER SAYS BRING OFFER! Gorgeous Rick Standard 1.5 Story in the sought after Lionsgate by the Green subdivision in Overland Park. Brand new kitchen renovation just completed with stainless appliances and double ovens. This home has a beautiful “Coastal vibe” and inviting on every level. Formal dining room, hearth room and living room give flexible entertaining options. First floor office with gorgeous built-ins.The finished lower level has wonderful features which include 5th bedroom/bath, bar.
Listing #2076925
Great opportunity for investors or buyers that want a Charming 100+ year home & want take on additional updating! This 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 3-story home had a jump start before it hit the market with newly refinished hardwood floors, completely updated kitchen with granite counter tops and all new SS appliances! There is all new carpet in the bedrooms and bathrooms have been updated. Interior of home has been freshly painted in soft grays. Don’t want to miss this one in Kansas City, MO.
Listing #2070682
MOTIVATED SELLER…BRING OFFER! This Beautiful 1.5 story on a gorgeous treed lot is perfection. Gorgeous all natural hardwood floors, stunning new light fixtures. This open floor plan with loads of natural light with a cozy “Coastal” feel is perfection. First floor large master with huge closet, first floor office, big open mud room connected to the first floor laundry. 2nd Floor has 3 bedrooms and spacious loft. Complete with finished lower level and walk-out basement. This home sits at the end of a cul-de-sac in south Overland Park, KS.


Give us a call today!  You can reach our team at 913.402.2550.  Want to come see us?  Our brand new office is conveniently located at 5000 W. 135th St. Leawood, KS 66224.


Happy Holidays from Cami Jones Collaborative!

As December winds to a close, the holidays remind us of the year’s blessings, while we anxiously look forward to 2018.  On a professional note, 2017 saw record real estate sales for our former team.  December brought the formation of Kansas City’s Boutique Real Estate Experience; Cami Jones Collaborative.  As we look back over the year, we offer a few notes of thanks.

To our clients:

Thank you for trusting us to help you, whether you are buying, selling or both.  Your home purchase is likely the biggest of your life and we’re honored to be a small part of it.  You and your family deserve a remarkable concierge experience and that’s exactly what you will get. We are honored to provide a hands-on real estate experience while caring for each detail of your transaction from beginning to end.  We value the friendships we’ve made with each of you over the years and thank you for your repeat business and referrals.

To our team:

We are blessed with the hardest-working real estate team around.  Each person on the Cami Jones Collaborative team demonstrates on a daily basis how she will go the extra mile to make it all happen.  We support one another and cheer on each other’s successes- what a team!  Thanks to Christine Carlson, Rebecca Kyger, Missy Hutton, Stacy Vollmar and Mandy Doull for always going above and beyond to deliver KC’s best real estate experience.

To our family and friends:

Thank you for supporting us in what can be a crazy, hectic and fast-paced career that we all love!  We couldn’t do it without your love and support.  “I feel truly blessed to have found the perfect fit for my family in this community.  I take great pleasure in helping my clients achieve the same result,”  said Cami.

To our amazing city:

Kansas City is home to so many wonderful people, unique neighborhoods, awesome restaurants, terrific sports teams and so much more.  It’s so much fun introducing out-of-town transplants to KC- we know you’ll love it as much as we do!  You can see by our current team listings that we help clients buy and sell throughout the metro; if there’s an area you’re curious to learn more about, ask us!Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season filled with good health, family, friends and endless joy!  Happy New Year to you and all the best for a happy, healthy 2018 filled with family, friends and all good things. 

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity for us to reflect on how grateful we are.We are blessed with the best clients in the world and we are honored to share in your most important and memorable moments!  The day you close on and move into your new home isn’t one you’ll ever forget. Thank you for trusting us to help you, whether you are buying, selling or both.  Your home purchase is likely the biggest purchase of your life and we’re honored to be a small part of it.  We have many repeat clients, and it truly is fun seeing you move to different properties as you enter different stages of your lives!We are blessed with the hardest-working real estate team around.  Each person on our Cami Jones Collaborative team demonstrates on a daily basis how she will go the extra mile to make it all happen.  We support one another and cheer on each other’s successes — what a team!  If you’re new to Kansas City, just ask around.  People know that with Cami Jones Collaborative, you’ll get knock-your-socks-off customer service from the first time we meet until long after your closing date!We are thankful for our amazing city.  Kansas City is home to so many wonderful people, unique neighborhoods, awesome restaurants, terrific sports teams and so much more.  It’s so much fun introducing out-of-town transplants to KC- we know you’ll love it as much as we do!We are thankful for good health, families and friends.  Without these, nothing else matters!Wishing you and yours a wonderful, restful holiday and a great long weekend!  Happy Thanksgiving!  Congratulations to our local high schools that are playing for football state championship titles!  Good luck!

5 Things You’ll Love About Overland Park, Kansas

Whether you already live in Overland Park or are planning to move there in the near future, it’s a terrific city and we move a lot of real estate there!  It’s no wonder- the city ranks high on many lists for livability, affordability and culture. With an estimated population of 187,699 and a location only 20 minutes from downtown Kansas City, it’s easy to see why so many call on us to help make Overland Park their home!

  1. The Schools.  Overland Park residents enjoy a high quality of life. As the city grows older, it is becoming increasingly diverse, and that diversity adds to an amazing public school system.  The Blue Valley School District serves most of Overland Park, and all 5 Blue Valley high schools made it onto the Washington Post’s list of most challenging high schools in the U.S., as well as onto the Newsweek list of top American public high schools. Blue Valley SAT scores routinely exceed the national and state averages—sometimes by as much as 300-400 points (
  2. The Sports.  Overland Park is home to the nationally-recognized Scheel’s Soccer Complex, which boasts 12 lighted, regulation size synthetic turf fields and offers a cooling system to control the temperature of the turf plus many more amenities.  The city hosts tournaments year-round.  Topgolf is a new golf entertainment experience, and folks can enjoy the 102 climate-controlled hitting bays, a restaurant, and 3 bars year-round!  Blue Valley Recreation recently opened a new Recreation Center at Hilltop on 143rd Street.  The 100,000+ square foot facility offers fitness classes, basketball and volleyball leagues, practices and open court, dance classes, special populations activities, enrichment programs, pickleball, and 55 GO (ages 55 and up) programs offered along with drop-in facility usage.
  3. The Business Opportunities.  It’s home to many large employers (think Sprint, YRC Worldwide and Black & Veatch, for example).  Technology continues to drive the make-up of the businesses in many different industries such as healthcare, financial services, and marketing, with College Boulevard serving as a main artery for many businesses.
  4. The Outdoors.  Overland Park has a wonderful Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, which even has spectacular programming in the winter.  In addition, there are many biking and walking trails, and many neighborhoods boast their own paths and lakes.  Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead is a real highlight, and draws visitors from all over the metro. The Farmstead is open daily, April 1- October 31, and has nearly 200 animals and birds of prey, vegetable and flower gardens, a one-room country schoolhouse, an old-time fishing pond, pony rides and more.
  5. The Food.  Overland Park (like all of Kansas City!) has become a destination for foodies.  The city boasts a ton of delicious Indian restaurants and ethnic markets, and other favorites include Jack Stack Barbeque (95th & Metcalf), J. Gilbert’s Wood-Fired Steaks (92nd & Metcalf), SPIN Neapolitan Pizza (multiple locations) and Q39 (second location coming soon to College Blvd and Antioch).

There’s lots to love- give us a call today and we’ll help you find your dream home in Overland Park!

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