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8 staging tips to get top dollar for your home

Staging.  It’s kind of a buzz word when it comes to listing your home.  When we talk about staging, we’re describing a method of decorating meant to showcase a home’s best assets, impress buyers and sell it quickly for the highest possible price.  A big part of it has to do with making it possible for buyers to visualize themselves in your home.   It’s almost a way of depersonalizing your home, which is the opposite of what an interior designer would do.You know that feeling…when you walk into “the one” and immediately think “Tommy will sleep here…and this will be Emma’s room,” etc.  It’s easy to see yourself living in that property and you’re hooked and ready to move in!  So what staging tricks can you do as a seller to get top dollar for your home?

8 Staging Tips

  1. Add mirrors.  Mirrors make a dark room look lighter, and a small room look larger by multiplying and reflecting light.  For added impact, put three or four identical mirrors side-by-side to create a large display.
  2. Stick to natural, neutral colors with pops of accent color.  The accent color(s) and rich fabrics are where a little personality can show through and make things look less sterile.  Don’t be afraid to break up that beige and gray!
  3. Even though you want to make your house stand out, keep the neighborhood and area trends in mind.  Exposed brick walls and rustic Edison bulbs might look great in a downtown loft, but might feel out of place in your suburban home.  Keep with the vibe and design of your home when staging for others to see.
  4. Get rid of clutter!  This includes furniture, accessories and photos.  Clear off those countertops!  Free the fridge of all the kids’ artwork!
  5. Try floating your furniture.  By “floating,” we mean pulling it off the walls and creating conversation groupings.  It can make a room feel much larger.
  6. Try hanging drapes that start higher than the window molding and go all the way to the floor.  This makes a room appear larger, too!
  7. Pay attention to lighting!  Most homes are darker than they should be and homeowners just get used to it over time.
  8. Decorate with the “rule of 3s” in mind.  For your accessories, try to group in threes, with varying heights.  The items shouldn’t be lined up soldier-style, but arranged in a triangle formation, with one object at each point.  Put the largest item in the back.

8 inexpensive upgrades to try!

Try these and get some big bang for your buck.

  1. A fresh coat of paint
  2. New throw pillows
  3. Add a new blanket or throw
  4. New scented candle (one scent throughout house works best)
  5. Paying for a thorough professional cleaning
  6. Making minor repairs
  7. Changing out kitchen hardware
  8. Change your light bulbs to a higher wattage

The Cami Jones & Company team is committed to helping our sellers realize top dollar for their homes!  We offer best-in-class marketing support, and you can expect things like professional staging services, photography, expertly-made flyers, postcards, and a smart social media strategy.  Contact us here or call us today at 913-402-2550 and let us show you how we use the latest and most effective technology to market it in a variety of ways.*image from

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