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Simple Upgrades to Increase Home Value

The road to increasing home value can often seem like a long one, but that is usually due to the fact that most homeowners feel only extensive, fancy remodeling projects will yield the biggest returns on investment. However, contrary to popular belief, updates that are valued in the low-to-mid cost range will increase your home’s value the most. Updates like siding replacements and roof replacements recoup nearly 93% of their costs while minor kitchen remodels have more than 80% recoup value. The purpose of upgrading your home is to add value, take away what’s not working, or improve upon what is working while not going overboard. While new granite countertops and steam showers may seem extravagant, if you’re thinking about starting home improvement projects this year, there are a few other options you may want to keep in mind.

Try These Easy Upgrades to Increase Home Value

If you’re considering making some changes around your home, choose a few of the upgrades to tackle from this list and update the features in your home that will increase your home’s value the most.

1. Updates for the Kitchen


According to a 2017 survey conducted by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, kitchen remodels are ranked as one of the things that appeal the most to home buyers, but before you tear down your entire kitchen and start from scratch, there are a few minimal kitchen updates that you can complete in a matter of days.

Install a Double Sink

According to a 2017 Home Buyer Preferences Survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, the number one feature that home buyers considered to be essential in kitchens were double sinks. Most Consumer Reports recommend deeper sinks due to their limited splash zone and at least one sink that’s big enough to fit larger pots and pans. This upgrade makes a sink extremely functional and easy to clean – something that will please any new home buyer.

Add an Island

Another update that home buyers desire in a kitchen is a central island. Now, building an entirely brand new island in your kitchen is quite time consuming, but a simple way you can make this update to your kitchen is by purchasing a pre-made/portable kitchen island that you can fit practically into any space. Most pre-assembled kitchen islands come with storage space, additional eating space, and more room for food preparation and most of which can be found for less than $500.

2. Freshen Up Your Bathroom


The bathroom is one of the areas of the home where you can tell if money has been well spent. They are also one of the areas in a home where people spend quite a bit of time. With a low cost, mid-range bathroom remodel, you can update your bathroom and keep your costs low on a project that will pay off when you do decide to put your home on the market.

Add New Fixtures

If you’re hoping to add some much-needed shine to your bathroom, you can install new fixtures like new shower heads, faucets, or lighting to make this area more appealing to potential home buyers. A brushed nickel finish goes with nearly every style of bathroom and you can even find matching three-light vanity fixtures to give your bathroom a complete makeover for under $100.

Install Efficient Toilets

While you might think it’s a simple upgrade, another update that potential home buyers will appreciate is a brand new toilet. Instead of sticking with your outdated bowl, you might want to consider replacing it with an updated, energy-efficient model that’s easy on the eyes, as well as the environment. You can find a classic two-piece toilet for under $200 while most home improvement stores provide in-home installations for less than $300.

3. Add Some Curb Appeal


Home improvement projects also apply to updates that will increase your home’s curb appeal. Updating your home’s exterior is simple, cost-effective, and can bring in some extra cash when you do decide to sell.

Tidy up Your Yard

Believe it or not, lawn care is another one of the top things buyers look for when they are house hunting. The great thing about this project is that it costs almost nothing but your time to complete. Setting aside a weekend to plant a few low maintenance bushes or line your driveway with pavers will add 5-15% to your home’s value and immediately grab the attention of potential home buyers.

Paint the Exterior

One of the simplest updates when it comes to home improvement projects is painting. A freshly painted home not only looks clean and updated, but it also protects your home and spells value to potential home buyers as it will give them the impression the rest of your house is just as well maintained. You can take the DIY route or easily hire a local painting company to complete this project.

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