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Giving Back to KC: Supporting Community Causes

One of the pillars of Cami Jones Collaborative is giving back and supporting local causes that we care about.  We know we are blessed beyond measure with family, friend and a successful real estate business.  What better way to celebrate our successes than by giving back?  We thought we’d profile a few areas and organizations where we have chosen to spend our time.We have supported the Shadow Buddies Foundation, participated in Red Nose Day and fed the homeless at Micah Ministry.  Most recently, we are looking forward to sponsoring the Callyn’s Course for Hope.

Supporting a Cure for Childhood Cancer:  Callyn’s Course for Hope

Callyn’s Course for Hope is special evening all about wine and raising money for childhood cancer.  On August 25th, attendees will receive the Riedel VERITAS tasting set which features four grape varietal specific wine glasses.  Bar service and light hors d’oeuvres to follow.All proceeds to to Braden’s Hope for Childhood Cancer, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.  The event takes place on Saturday, August 25, 2018, from 7 until 10pm at Ironhorse Golf Club in Leawood, KS. Cami Jones Collaborative is honored to be a presenting sponsor of this important event.

Supporting KC’s hungry:  Micah Ministry

Micah Ministry provides dinner and essential personal articles to more than 700 people on an average Monday evening. This urban ecumenical feeding program relies on volunteers to serve the poor and needy in the historic Northeast area of Kansas City, Missouri.There are no lines to stand in here — guests are invited to sit at a table and be served their meal similar to a sit down restaurant. In addition to waiting on tables volunteers also shop for guests from the clothing pantry. For examples if they need toiletries or footwear you’ll go to the pantry and bring the items back to the guest.It was our team’s pleasure to spend a Monday evening at Micah Ministry.  There were many different job assignments for the volunteers to choose from!  It’s so rewarding, we will be going back.

Supporting Childhood Illness:  Shadow Buddies

Since 1995, The Shadow Buddies Foundation has been bringing smiles, hope and companionship to medically challenged children across the country and around the world in the form of cuddly, plush Buddies.Shadow Buddies are a representation that your child, regardless of any illness they may have, is never alone, that they can proudly proclaim they have a friend “just like me.”  We were able to provide 200 children at Children’s Mercy with a personal “Buddy.” Each Buddy mimics the child’s illness, i.e.) a Buddy with an insulin pump will go to a diabetic child or a Day Surgery Buddy will go to a child having outpatient surgery. They are valuable when used as teaching tools as well useful for friends and family.Hope, compassion and friendship is what this is all about!  We had the pleasure of working to create these one-of-a-kind buddies which would find their way into the arms and hearts of sick kiddos. We will continue supporting our local neighborhoods and schools and look forward to being visible community partners.  With Cami Jones Collaborative our commitment to community doesn’t stop when the sale closes!  

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